Transmissions Pt.2 [Evolution Chamber]

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Transmissions Pt.2 [Evolution Chamber]

Welcome to more fresh drum and bass! Today we are sharing with you Transmissions Pt.2 [Evolution Chamber]! Evolution Chamber has emerged as a label committed to setting itself apart. Founded by Task Horizon, Receptor and Magnetude it was established as a sanctuary and creative outlet for their music. Always dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Drum & Bass. Steadily expanding its catalogue and eventually becoming the exclusive home for Joe Ford and Ekwols.

On a Mission

From its inception, the long-term aim was to not only to cultivate a platform for their own music but also to also provide a space for emerging artists to thrive. Going on to give rise to the Transmissions series. Now, with great pride, Evolution Chamber unveils the second instalment of Transmissions. As anticipated, it promises to deliver an experience beyond expectations.

Transmissions Pt.2

In this subsequent release, the series maintains its approach. Featuring a collective of artists from all corners of the globe. Spearheading the EP is Lance Dance, a fresh face from Russia (previously part of Saint Robbers). Leading the charge blending melody with weightiness with his track Kill You. Adding to the mix is the debut of Polish based Belarusian Skrimor. Offering a glimpse of what’s to come in the future with The Rave Feeling. Returning to the label is Tenkei! Representing Switzerland and infusing African influences with the vibrant Maho. Next the familiar Austrian-Russian trio TNTKLZ offer their second serving on the series with the characteristic dark roller Pay Your Blood. Bringing the release to a close is the first of many trans-atlantic collaborations by Volatile Cycle, Dropset & Konquest as they close off the EP with the vocal dancefloor destroyer Damocles.


Transmissions not only serves as a platform to showcase emerging talent, but it also serves as a gateway for artists aiming to release on the label in the future. The future of music is now, and Evolution Chamber continues to set upon the mission in nurturing the next generation of musical innovators. Don’t miss the next chapter with Transmissions Pt.2 [Evolution Chamber]! Buy, stream and download here!

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