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Critical Music is at it again with their one hundred fifth catalog release. We have long standing roster veteran, Enei, and boss man, Kasra, collaborating once again to bring us the deep dark sounds of “Transmitter EP.” While this all-star duo has released a few tracks together in the recent past it’s been quite sometime, June of twenty fifteen to be exact, since they’ve had a full EP together and needless to say we’re beaming with excitement here at Best Drum and Bass. This aptly named EP is a five track collection of the quintessential Enei & Kasra drum and bass sound. With a rooted style of dismal nebulas this work of art is a beautiful example of extraterrestrial cadence reaching through the vastness of space to the ears of humans on earth.

Gracing the airwaves first is title track, “Transmitter,” which features the ever mighty Jakes.

This proper roller dips deep into the blackest corner of space with groove, tight percussion, and infectious vocals only to be given full character by it’s incredible synth work. Distorted swells combined with screeching accents truly give this track a feeling of otherworldly transmission and in doing so sets the tone for what is to come, a “heavy hittah.”

Following suit is tech savvy beater, “1000.”

Luring in listeners with the soft drift of lingering bells, this tune hits hard with big, bulky bass beats and distended synth distortion that is reminiscent of distress signals from a nearby space vessel. Slight warps and bends in sound texture really stand out in this track on multiple occasions and really give a feel of impending peril.

“Projections” lands us right in the middle of this EP and it’s personally my favorite tune on the release.

This track truly offers the most on the EP and delivers it in a unique and organic experience. Right from the start chord progression takes hold as our speakers decipher sounds that resemble a decoded foreign language from another galaxy. Atmospheric layering, sweeping synth stabs and bright, sparkling sounds of cosmic choirs are littered throughout this alien broadcast creating a message that is mystical to all that hear it’s call.

In wonder of what lies beyond we venture to “Rolling Walls,” the fourth track in our journey.

Eerie sounds of the never ending Ur of space find us again on this track as it leads us into some of the slickest drum work on the EP. With an overall feel of a frenetic dogfight, “Rolling Walls” moves with full force as sinking synth screams tear through the fabric of reality. What stands out the most is every third snare hit in the tune is sent through in forward motion then reversed and sent forward again without a moment of silence in it’s clash.

As we reach the end of these ethereal musings we find “Look Ahead” for our finishing tune.

Like a clock on its last legs, we are greeted by the ominous ticking of closed high hats, subtle droning synths, and a warble from the last being trying to make contact with our small blue planet. Militant drums, chugging basslines, and ghastly howls carry us through the meat of this gnarly head rocker.

The “Transmitter EP” is a selection of some of the best science fiction sounds on the market to date. This drum & bass gem from Enei & Kasra will be making its rounds on dance floors and in concept mixes throughout the year for clearly obvious reasons. As always, Critical Music lives up to a reputation that can only be earned through precise quality selection, an all-star roster with a back catalog to match, and a philosophy that stays true to the underground.

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