Treachery, The Midwest’s Mistress of Dark Drum & Bass

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Rebekah Leatherwood, A.K.A. Treachery is a brooding vixen of dark domination. Known for her deep (and possibly insane) love for dark drum ‘n bass, she thrives on supporting the likes of Mindocracy, Yellow Stripe, Therapy Sessions Recordings, Methlab, and so many more. She’s thrown down alongside the likes of Evol Intent, Klute, and GEIN, Treachery’s cuts are razor sharp, as demonstrated on her latest podcast for Ludmila‘s Killa Drumz Radio. She also participates in Suicide Audio as A&R. Let us not forget that Treach also heads up a kitchen in Tennessee where she is the mistress of pastry, creating delectable eats… the better to sweeten you to death with… right?

Treachery, thanks for the interview!

You have an extreme passion for the dark side of drum & bass. What is it that keeps you specifically in the dark, versus going all over the genre, like so many do these days?

Yes, the darkside of DNB is my life. I enjoy many types of DNB, well I shouldn’t really say many because I believe a lot of it is poppy garbage. So let me rephrase, I appreciate DNB with depth. This is why I was drawn to the darkside, not only for the complex elements of the tunes, but it became a type of therapy for me. When I was a teenager I grew up in the punk scene, mosh pits, anarchy, all that bullshit. Then when I was 15 a friend was like “Hey Bekah, wanna go to a rave?”, at first my initial elitist punk ass was like what the fuck is a rave blah blah blah, but I went, because fuck, I was 15 growing up in the fucking bible belt south (Knoxville, TN) with nothing better to do. Soooooo, we drove down to the ATL for this “rave”, this was the first time I heard DNB, I was standing in this club watching everyone dancing and frolicking around and I hear this grimey ass sound coming from a side room, I walk in and it was dark and sketchy and a group called EVOL INTENT was laying down some of the hardest tunes I have ever heard at the time. It brought something animalistic out of me, I just started dancing, so fucking hard. It felt fucking empowering and was such a release I had never at that time felt naturally before without drugs or alcohol… and so, 15 years later, it still grasps my dark heart. It is my only constant in this lifetime, and the dark side pulls my demons out and releases them.

You’ve shared the stage with Midwest hard heads, GEIN. Who else have you played alongside? If you could go back2back with any artist, who would it be?

Fuck. let’s see, GEIN was really a dark fangirl dream of mine, headlining with him is a moment I will never forget as a supporter of the darkside of drum and bass. I have also shared the stage with Evol Intent, and Klute.

If I could go back to back with anyone it would definitely be Robyn Chaos, she has been an inspiration to me since I was young and also… I just want to look at her ass heh heh heh…

You’re also now doing A&R for Chris Terror Cell and Dan Kurrupt Brant’s label, Suicide Audio. Tell us a bit about that.

Well, Chris started a podcast series a few years ago called Suicide Sessions UK, which featured myself and up and coming darksiders of DNB. Due to my dedication and support of the darkside, Chris asked me to be a part of it to help promote the label.

He and his friend Dan Brant have now turned Suicide Sessions into the label Suicide Audio which releases only dark DNB.

Our next release will actually be August 30th and feature tunes from Temulent, Drainbamage, Terror Cell, Circular Discharge, and Krieg.

Checkout our soundcloud at:

Tunes available at:

You’ve also released a mix for a crew out of Argentina for Killer Drumz Radio. What are the deets?

Yes! So Ludmila who runs Therapy Sessions Argentina sought me out to do a mix for her radio show Killer Drumz Radio. She was happy to support another lady of the darkside and my mix started a new podcast series of hers called DNB SOLDIERS.

Check it:

Craziest gig story. And go!

This one time at band camp, I fucked your mom.

What artists do you think are killing it right now?

Fortitude, Freqax, Cooh, Drainbamage, Fragz, Syrinx, Limewax, Temulent, Switch Technique, Katharsys, Gore Tech, Satan, Indian Junglist, Terror Cell… I could go on..Anything off Sucide Audio, Mindocracy, PRSPCT, Yellow-Stripe, Therapy Sessions Recordings, Methlab, Future Sickness, fuck there’s really so much, a great time for Dark DNB right now…

What would you like to see more of in the drum & bass scene?

Darkness of course.

You’re also a great chef. So many other producers/DJs are doing the same – Dieselboy, AK1200, Breaker, Clayton of Renegade Hardware… What drives your passion in the kitchen?

Ha, EATING OF COURSE! I fucking love food, but besides that, I love watching others enjoying my food, it brings me extreme personal satisfaction when they take a bite and I see them have a mini orgasm in their mouth.

Could you tie your love for music and food together?

Yeah of course, being a Chef, like with music, is a way to express my never-ending drive of creativity (it’s all about personal satisfaction really heh)

What is your food dream?

My food dream huh… like lying on a pile of bacon while hot bitches feed me strawberries and shit? Ha

No, my dream with my culinary career would be to travel around other countries and hone my skills in ethic cooking because that is my style.

What would you like to achieve with drum & bass?

World Domination 

What’s coming up for the Treach? Anything else to add?

Right now, finishing this glass of wine, later… plans to take over the world.

Follow the Mistress Treachery into the darkness – 

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