Treega – Bit Kid [The Dreamers Recordings]

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Tunes

Fresh off of the highly acclaimed “Black Noise” EP from Kiril, The Dreamers Recordings are back again, with more dynamic music. While I know there may be some purists out there going on about what exactly drum and bass is, I think it is up to us to still push the boundaries. Explore a bit. Not be afraid of this music having to fit in this predetermined package. Having a faith that this music and culture can be looked at from another angle. To keep our eyes on both where we are and where we are going. The evolution of this whole thing is dependent on it. It is exactly how we as a genre have found this plethora of amazing music that is pouring into drum and bass at the moment, across all styles of drum and bass at that. No matter what part of this music you gravitate to, right now in the autumn of 2016 you are seeing a wealth of great producers and DJ’s.

This brings me back to the next release for The Dreamers Recordings. It’s a two track offering from the up and coming Treega. Not only is he an emerging producer, he is also a classical and jazz composer and piano player, who also happens to be in love with drum and bass. What is apparent from the first listen of this release is that he is influenced from all over the music spectrum. From jazz to footwork to drum and bass. It is for those who like to see where this landscape can take us. My favorite out of the two is “Bit Kid” with one foot firmly in footwork/juke and the other in drum and bass. It is full of energy, room, and tons of groove. It may not be standard drum and bass fare, but it is standard for us to push new ground along the way. Grab this release when it is released October 17th!

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