Trex “Chit Chat” / ”Dub Pirates” (Covert Garden Remix) [Trust Audio]


Big things are kickin’ at Trust Audio for Trex and QU3ST this year and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. ‘Trust in Jungle Volume 1’ LP smashed into the scene in July; a compilation of artists on some serious complex jungle compositions that annihilated the dance floor and left us eager for more (read the full review here).

Now Trex is back set to attack with a 2 track release including a fresh cut “Chit Chat” alongside a massive remix from Covert Garden on the already impressive “Dub Pirates”.

“Chit Chat” kicks in clean on the intro with a smooth beat over chilling reverberating pads. A slick flow chatters through enticing the motion building to the drop where a deep rolling bassline wobbles straight through your bones. As the lows climb and sink through the octaves the chit chat slips in and out with precision amidst a crisp, cool beat. A dark, bouncy roller “Chit Chat” will bend and twist the floor into a fluid motion and is silky smooth in the mix.

A steady hi-hat readies the rhythm in the Covert Garden remix of “Dub Pirates” masterfully enhanced complete with ferocious flares as the beat kicks in hard. A beast of a bassline is waiting at the drop ready to attack between beefy rolling rhythms and favorably placed low, grungy growls. The kicks and FX are upbeat and fluid with familiarity to the original mix’s jungle vibe however there is a lot of contrast which exhibits Covert Gardens’ champion style plunging “Dub Pirates” into the deepest depths of the jungle sound.

This release is a must have for your 2019 collection; a perfect blend of classic jungle vibes intertwined with the modern trends to keep pushing the momentum of the drum and bass sound.

Pick up your copy now on Beatport Exclusive… full release 10 October across all platforms.

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