Trex / Rolling Through EP // Dispatch

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TREX / ROLLING THROUGH EP // Dispatch Recordings

Literally, this EP rolls straight into the arena like a bowling ball on fire. Delivered by The Dude himself. Except it came from the homie TREX ( Joe Kehoe). Based out of the UK. TREX has been a busy guy. While getting his own imprint, TRUST AUDIO, moving forward. He has a busy release schedule for 2020. Audio Porn, MacII, Sofa Sounds, and Dreamers are on the list of labels to offer support and releases. And now, DISPATCH RECORDINGS , based out of the very lovely Leeds, UK, is getting in on the action. The Rolling Through EP, is ready to rumble. Our bassbins have had some time off, so this EP is a great way to shake the dust off.

We are graced with 4 very solid tunes on this one. Originally, Rolling Dub was a feature tune made for the infamous Sun and Bass festival in 2018. Where Randall was giving this tune heavy support.  Without a doubt, it seemed perfect for the tune to evolve into a whole concept EP. There is a really dope VIP by TREX. Tied together with a remix by Ill TRUTH. Conceptually there are 4 distinct styles amongst the album. Some really focused on traditional grooves, synths and familiar soundscapes. Others go straight for the brim of your hat, pulling you, face first, into the jungle. Without a doubt, this one is for the rolling massive. Just like the cover art sets you up for. Except your not chasing a cheeky block of cheese with your homies.

THE JAMS! Lets see what’s cookin!

The opening tune Rolling Dub ( Ill Truth rmx)  sets a pretty good pace and expectation. On the jump, this one leads with cinematic slam. Followed by a bouncy hat and a contagious vocal sample that never really breaks. Waves of filtered stepper drums come ashore. You get a slight moment of chill, then the first wave comes in. Smoothly dropping an array of subs and rich bass right into your lap. Like a hot molten lava cake. Takes me back to the stepper dnb from the early 2000’s via RAM/ Higher Education/ Virus/ Rawkuts. But with better sound design, and a minimalistic palette. Add some really well placed risers, funky tambourine hits, and a couple amen sweeps. Then births a thicc vibe.  This one will instantly crank some necks, and have drinks get annihilated as all the heads rush to the dance floor. Me “likey” this one! And will be expecting to hear this in heavy rotation for a while.   


Next up to the plate is a techy amen stepper. Fresh Hell is what I would imagine being played as you race through the pod tunnels of the movie “The Running Man”. The intro lead fills the ears with an array of metallic bleeps and tones. Which come from every direction, playing cleverly with a kick and snare. At he point when you really start to dig into the groove. It all drops out. Then and heavy combo of sine and reese waves begins to fade in and rumble the whole scenery apart. Dropping you down the tracks into a black void. And the amens and mid tone patches are appropriately heavy. But not overbearing, nor taking away from the futuristic soul this tune has. Which comes from a keyboard patch, adding a necessary layer of color and warmth to a black velvet canvas. All the feels of DSCIP4, Underfire, Perspective, Gasm repertoire rush to me instantly. On a ep with so many “friendly” offerings. This one feels intentionally dark. And we always need a little of that when it starts to get to bright inside the ride.           


Coming in third is The Lucky Ones. And I’m here for it!!!! This tune comes real with the funk. Rides “gangster boo” hard on the roller tip. A soothing synth lays down a soft, yet eerie breath into the air. The “less is more” approach works really well here. The drums are super punchy and never break from a clean and classic groove. This super cool sounding “chip tune” style riser brightens the whole thing up right before the sound floor drops into the basement.  The moving wobble bass tones really take the lead here. In a classic tech step vibe. And as always, I’m a sucker for a well placed, vocal stab under a blanket of delay and reverb. So you had me at , whatever the hell that guy is saying. I’ll pretend I know on the dancefloor like we still do with the infamous SS tune Rollidge. Heavy influences of the new sound are present here, but it rides a fine line between honoring the rules of classic tech rollers, without taking you into the harbor.   


Last but not least the monolith of this opus sweeps the leg! Rolling Dub VIP owns here. There’s a bit more glitch influenced textures to fill in the gaps. But, make no mistake, we’re going back in time with this remix. Super classic late 90’s tech-roller vibes come to mind. All the right tools and classical sounds have been applied here. Honestly, it makes you feel like climbing right into the basins. Like ” HEY! I remember my first party”. Feeling those ShimonOrigin Unknown, Peshay spices being tossed into the recipe here. It helps me remember why I feel in love with this music to begin with. This is living proof that the old school style is actually ageless. This VIP delivers a tale of this era of jungle/drum and bass music that literally changed the course for the genre forever. But in a modern context. Matched with a hella clean production quality, that will rattle the beans out of your bowl.    


Honestly, I really dig it. Knowing the type of vibe that DISPATCH goes for. I feel that it really represents the brand well. Fits into their catalogue as a timeless piece to the puzzle. Yet has enough its own identity as a TREX release. I know that the world can never have enough rollers. So this is an absolutely smashing addition to that universe. We get three tunes that really play off of each other quite well. And then there is another piece that can take the listener on a whole new journey. So having a little diversity always makes for a nice jaunt. This definitely has a focused attack on the genre. With obvious intent on doing all of the things correctly. It sounds great. The marketing is fun. And the tunes are pretty deep. So it won’t be surprising at all to see the “who’s who” in the world of dnb dropping the sweet baby jesus out of these tunes. TREX and Dispatch came to kick out the jams. And I think they bloody succeeded. Real talk!!


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Here is a play through of this EP by D_E_B_T



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