Tribal Mage’s 1 in 10 Birthday Special (June 1st-15th)

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Happy day, Best Drum and Bass fans! The time has come for another 1 in 10 by yours truly, Tribal Mage! Seeing as my birthday was in the first week of June I’ll be adding one extra track into this weeks article. Lots of great summer vibes just in time for the sunny weather with the usual halftime sounds and a few dark tracks to keep things interesting. June has been a solid month thus far and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring! Now onto this week’s 1 in 10.

10.)The Test – Flava & Digital feat. Dissect : The Test EP [Commercial Suicide Records]

Digital, Flava, & Dissect bringing proper darkness to classic innovative label, Commercial Suicide. Pounding dark and gritty synth leads create a frightened landscape where wailing sirens, rolling low frequencies, and chopped breaks run free to cull all who are lost in its deep depths.

9.)Hack – Dub Phizix : Rebel Spirit EP [Exit Records]

Exit Records and long time colleague, Dub Phizix, turn it up with this funky swag-drenched beat. “Eey!” echoing over swirling guitar loops paired with rattling low end and scattered arcade synths make this a tune that’ll get anyone on the dance floor and out of their shell.

8.)Your Love – Aquasky : Technique Summer 2017 [Technique Recordings]

Well established label, Technique Recordings, is back again with their summer collection for 2017. This 53 track compilation contains 2 one hour mixes by muffler and 51 single tracks from technique’s well know roster. Aquasky stole my attention with his tune, Your Love. Bright pad synths, infectious rhythmic vocals, bouncy bass, and racing amens make this a summer slammer not worth missing.

7.)20,000 Beats Under The Sea – DJ Trax : 20,000 Beats Under The Sea [Tempo Records]

Landing at #7 we have Tempo Record’s 2nd DJ Trax release. Title tune, 20,000 Beats Under The Sea, is my favorite from this 4 track EP. Lush atmospheric synths and slicing amen breaks carry you out to sea where the sirens remind us that we “can never get enough” of the tide’s ebb and flow.

6.)Level Up – Vromm feat. Rider Shafique : Systems 008 [Critical Systems]

Critical Music is back again with Vromm’s fire release from its sister imprint, Systems. Opening track, Level Up, is the song of note for me. Vromm laying down to setting with thumping dance hall drums, squeaking bed springs, ambient sounds of mist in the jungle, and Rider Shafique pulling the whole rhythm together with his sound boy lyrical style. Critical Music is surely making 2017 a great year for drum and bass!

5.)Skyward EP : Touchy Subject  [Rua Sound]

Rua Sound teaming up with diverse badman, Touchy Subject, on their 4th label release. Dubbed out halftime is the theme for this four track EP. Syncronisation starts us off with it’s full low end, hip hop drum beats, ringing synth leads and chopped up vocals. The following tune, Free, leads us in with reggae vocals, bass driven melodies, spaced out echoing synths, and a splash of broken amens. Track #3, No War(my favorite tune on the EP), features two extra artists. Junior Dread on vocals and Dark Futures on remix duty with Touchy Subject. Riddled with lead bass lines, echoing effects across synths and vocals alike, and crashing highs give this tune the classic Touchy Subject sound. Finishing the EP is unique energy building tune, Creationz. Chopped breaks, distorted synth bass and some more reggae vocals complete our journey into the sounds of the Skyward EP. If you’re into unique rhythms and fun sounds,I highly recommend keeping up on Touchy Subject.

4.)Samba Junglist – Hiphoppapotamus : Samba Junglist [Self Released]

Brazilian vibes aplenty on this tropical themed jungle track by Hiphoppapotamus. Samba Junglist, the title tune on this 4 track EP, has just the right amount of energy to keep the vibe lively. Rhythm guitar, conga breaks, and harmonious whistling paired with vocals will take you away to a place where palm trees and sand are far from scarce.

3.)Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Drum and Bass VIP) – George The Infinite & DJ I-Cue : Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Drum and Bass VIP) [Ingenious Music]

New York native label, Ingenious Music, is getting ready for the summer vibes with this D&B VIP remix of a Roy Ayers classic. This VIP keeps the classic original vibe while still flexing it’s drum & bass strength with solid breaks, powerful bass switch ups, and a hip hop interlude for good measure.

2.)Reconsideration – & Flat Green : Minefields EP [Omni Music]

Omni music has always been a label on my radar when looking for new music. Covering a wide spectrum of all things jungle/drum & bass, Reconsideration by & Flat Green is a perfect example of just that. Lured away by mesmerizing guitar strings we travel great lengths rolling alone with trip hop beats, only to find a looming synth storm upon the horizon. This one may not have heavy dance floor application but the composition and level of production quality are more than note worthy and this is why it lands at #2 this week.

1.)No Darkness – FX : Demonic Epidemic [Myor Massive]

So lets just talk about this dark and broody jungle smasher for a moment. Myor Massiv and FX team up for this weeks #1. Devilish atmospheres, spiraled buzzing, groovy breaks, and rolling bass surround us in the murk while our only glimpse of warmth are soulful vocal hooks. This ones is sure to light up the floor is any set.

Extra birthday bonus tune!!
I:D – Dayle : Wave007 [Aufect Recordings]

Since it was my birthday at the beginning of the month I figured I would spread the birthday love and add an extra tune to this weeks 1 in 10. Another great Aufect beat produced by Dayle steals this spot without a second thought. Slamming bass beats, infectious claps, and swelling electric synths make this a great energy builder and an even better transition track.

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