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Welcome back readers and listeners for another packed 1 in 10! Tribal Mage here with my favorite picks for the end of May. Lots of great tunes here to finish off the month. Some of my favored labels returning for a second appearance and plenty of new ones making their first as well. Also, just in case you missed it, dEEb and I took over last weeks podcast and it was a blast! You’ll find some tracks from this week’s top 10, some past top 10 tracks and some from the hidden personal collection. Now, starting at number 10 we have…

10.)Keep Hope Alive – Tephra & Arkoze : Delirium EP [Peer Pressure Records]

Starting off this week’s list is the moody funk that is Keep Hope Alive by Tephra & Arkoze. Warm fluid bass, echoing synth blips, and fading vocals repeating the songs title create a vibe that’ll keep the dance floor alive, among other things.

9.)Cool Breeze – Decon feat. Nikolai Becker : Hidden Tunes Part 2 [Jazzsticks Recordings]

Decon incoming with his newest track on Paul SG’s Vienna based label, Jazzsticks Recordings. Lush atmospheric synths, dubby oscillating bass lines, and scattered horn samples make this a tune perfect for the sunrise set.

8.)Royal Break – Theoretical : Royal Break [Liquid Brilliants Records]

Following Decon’s dubby roller is Theoretical with his tune, Royal Break. Greeted by organ and piano work, we are driven by funky amen breaks and lifted by horn solos. Keeping the mood light and playful, this track is perfect for any sunny summer day.

7.)Resonate – Samurai Breaks : Ice Cold [Plush Recordings]

Mesmerizing is the name of the game with new tune from Samurai Breaks. Combining the sounds of muted lasers, echoing steel chimes, and a solid bass line, this deep dark roller will be sure to lure the dance floor into a state of hypnosis waiting for your next tune to drop..

6.)Skin Flix (2Pac Blend) – Gripper : Kuts From The Joint-6Blocc Remixes  [Digital 6 Records]

2Pac, funky jungle, and 6Blocc. What more need I say about this awesome mashup. Gripper’s tune, Skin Flix, is perfectly paired 2Pac’s classic, Old School. This tune just emanates fun from every sonic corner and is a sure way to loosen up the dance floor.

5.)Galaxy Dub – Dayni : Protest EP [T3K]

Spaced out ragga drum and bass by Dayni lands at number five this week. Repetitious ragga vocal hooks, distorted synth leads, and a body shaking bass line that is sure to keep listeners grooving on this fine T3K release.

4.)Kaleidoscope Moods – Furney : How You Feel LP [Smooth N Groove Records]

Furney, master of liquid funk and atmospheric jungle/drum and bass, returns with his newest LP on Smooth N Groove Records. Kaleidoscope Moods has to be my favorite track on the LP. With its pan flute leads, amen breaks, supporting horn lines, and buzzing strings, this torrent of a tune will keep feet moving. Would love to hear an MC over this one too!

3.)Flip Mode – Sigrah : Flip Mode EP [Aufect Recordings]

Aufect Recordings, a favorite label of mine, is back again with their 26th release, Sigrah’s Flip Mode EP. I have chosen the title track of this EP but be sure to check out the full release here. This halftime track is packed with bumping bass lines, high pitched synth leads, warped rhythmic chirps, and low toned vocal hook “I keep movin’/It’s been proven/I make def jams like Rick Rubin”. Thank you Sigrah and Aufect for the fire tunes!

2.)Spirit – Stalker EP [Function Records]

For my 1 in 10 this week I have chosen Spirit’s Stalker EP on Digital’s label, Function Records. This EP stays true to its title with a grim and moody feel carried throughout the 3 tracks. International carries us in on vibrant synths only to find stomping bass and whirling jungle breaks leading us to a distorted dark and ravey finish. Next up is title track, Stalker. Dark and eerie is the vibe on this track with circling synth leads followed by enforcing low end and ghastly highs. Leaving us the finishing tune, Look Out. This track reminds me of a sunrise on the set of an old western movie where the dust has settled from a battle the night before. Echoing synths, plucking guitar strings, and bouncing bass ends this wonderful EP. Be sure to watch out for both Spirit and Function Records in the near future!

1)Show U Something feat. Eva Lazarus – Sam Binga : Critical 100/15 Years Of Underground Sonics [Critical Music]

Critical Music bringing the heat with their 100th release, 15 Years of Underground Sonics. This compilation is stacked with heavyweight artists from start to finish. Sam Binga’s tune featuring Eva Lazarus, Show U Something, is without a doubt my favorite track on this release as well as my favorite track for this week’s 1 in 10. This half time rocker wastes no time with banging kick drum beats, dirty distorted bass lines, eerie weeping synths, and arpeggiated data beeps. If you’ve missed out on the past 15 years of Critical Music do yourself a favor and stay on top of their forthcoming release calendar!

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