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Hello fellow Drum & Bass heads and Junglists. This is Tribal here bringing you my One in Ten. This will be a new segment, released every two weeks, on Best Drum and Bass in which I review nine of my favorite tunes as well as my one favorite releases of the week. This Segment will cover releases through the last two weeks in April. So without wasting much more time, lets get started with #10!

#10) Fallen – Altered Perception : Illusion EP [Tesseract Recordings]

Dark and moody is the feel on this track from Altered Perception. Stomping kick drums, sweeping filtered amens and waving sub lines surely make this tune a great starter for the late night crew.

#9) Obeah – Mr Joseph : Obeah/Scrappy Do [Fokuz Recordings]

Fokuz Recordings returns with veteran producer Mr Joseph. Chugging basslines, 808 bells, and conga breaks are the ingredients in this deep rolling groovy tune. A pinch of heavy amens seal the deal, keeping energy high and feet moving.

#8) Pep – Instinkt : Pep EP [Kill Tomorrow]

Groovy saw tooth synth leads are the focus of this dancefloor killer. Hand claps, ticking clocks and fat distorted bass ties it all together in this funky neuro beater.

#7) Hypnos – Was A Be : Brainstorm EP [Shogun Audio]

Shogun Audio staying true to their level of quality with this recent release from Was A Be. Hypnos was the highlight for me, with its energetic synth stabs and racing bass drum. This is a sure fire way to get the dancefloor moving.

#6) Wizdom Teef – SKRU/SOLO5 : Future Soul EP [Liquid Drops]

SOLO5 aka SKRU slows it down on this phenomenal release from liquid drops. Bouncing bass, ringing bells, stretched piano leads, and stuttered tom fills will take you on a lifted journey and make you wish for sunnier days.

#5) Warriah – Moresounds : Gradients LP [Astrophonica]

French producer Moresounds is back at it on Fracture’s imprint, Astrophonica. Gritty dub basslines, scattered breaks and echoing ragga vocals take hold as Moresounds leads us to atmospheric chords and liquid respite in this bad boy halftime jungle beat.

#4) Abstrakt Sonance – Misfits EP [Aufect Recordings]

For this week’s One in Ten I have chosen Abstrakt Sonance’s Misfits EP on Vancouver based Aufect. This release is filled with deep and moody rockers from start to finish.
Starting off this wonderful EP is the title track, Misfits, a building moody stepper. Following is dark and dubby runner, Centre. Run It continues the vibe with juke bass runs and half time snares. Leaving us with the last and final track, Busy. Busy, is the highlight for me on this release. Paired with Leo Zen, Abstrakt Sonance brings it to the dancefloor with this stomping, kick drum driven, distorted frenzy.
What makes this release shine in a whole, is the versatility of its tracks. Abstrakt Sonance covets a very specific style and sound delivered in varying ways, making it seemingly effortless to flow into other genres. Misfits EP has me excited to see what Aufect will bring for the rest of 2017.

#3) Black Widow – Microbe : The Story Unfolds [Digital 6]

Microbe setting the vibe on this dark jungle banger. Flooded with sounds of data transmissions and distorted bass riffs we start our journey. Vocal samples lead us in to the spiders lair where we are struck with racing amens and wobbling basslines.

#2) Bussaback – Corrupted & Mr Fuzz : Bussaback EP [The Dreamers Recordings]

2017 has been a good year for The Dreamers recordings. Here we look at the title track of their latest release by Corrupted & Mr Fuzz. Rhythmic vocals, banging bass, bright synth leads, and well balanced breaks make this juke jungle stompah one to keep feet moving on the dance floor.

#1) Renegade – Subsurge : Renegade [The Block Society]

Sitting at number one outta ten is this beauty of a banger from Subsurge. Clashing loudly with amen highs and powerful bass kicks, we are later greeted by half time beats and distorted leads. With only a three minute track time, this one is a straight killer with no filler.

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