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This week we take an eight track peek at the forthcoming album from Trust Audio ‘Trust In Jungle Vol.1’ featuring various artists contributing serious technical drums and dark, hypnotic basslines to offer the ultimate variety in track selection focusing heavily on a crisp jungle sound.  ‘Trust In Jungle Vol. 1’ is deep and powerful primed to take control of the floor and presents a jungle journey through time and space.

Two Samplers have dropped to build the hype to the full release coming July 18th and are available now on Beatport.

Sampler One includes the track “Crawl” by Myth. A bit eerie and atmospheric in the intro its mellow and full of vibes but still carries a murderous bassline with a nice, clean snare. “Crawl” is a solid track to set the tone for a darker, moodier set.

The second tune from the first teaser is Dave Owen’s “Ruffian” kicking in with a heavy percussive intro that holds a hint of a bubbly twang. “Ruffian” drops with intensity presenting an energetic drumline flowing over deep rolling bass that will engulf the floor into a trance bouncing this way and that. The highs really pound carrying the fiery rhythm steady throughout. “Ruffian” will move the crowd and shake the floor it’s a perfect selection for fresh flavor faithful to the classic jungle sound.

Sampler Two gives us another pair of essential tracks full of jungle flavor. The first from Cybin titled “Brixham Jungle” is a smooth flowing jungle roller with a relaxing, mellow vibe. Light, airy horns play across technical drums and deep rolling bass. This would be a top selection for a daytime set or a chill early night vibe but could fare well in any jungle mix.

Next up on this sampler Madcap gives us “Step To This” harboring a steady beat through intro it’s lively and enticing as the focus snaps to that bad boy bass at the drop. Deep and dark with a slight tribal influence “Step to This” grips tight with intriguing rolls and percussive flares embedded among the hypnotic medicinal beat as that bass keeps flowing; it feels like a journey through the thickest jungle to the witch doctor’s hut and will no doubt spin the dance to another dimension.

Let’s take a look at a few more still to come on ‘Trust In Jungle Vol. 1’

“War Vibe” from Freeze pounds right from the start with a heavy, vigorous drummy intro packed to the brim with psychotic beats. “War Vibe” doesn’t let up one bit as the bass drops deep and hard twisting and bellowing carrying the mood below the steady dynamic of the drums. Precise placement on FX and percussion to incorporate classic jungle elements makes “War Vibe” a must have track to stand out in your jungle sets. Freeze has hit the sweet spot on “War Vibe” abundant in energy with heavy, moody undertones holding true to the original jungle sound.

Jaybee presents “Hostile” which as the title suggests is dark and temperamental making it a must have jungle track! “Hostile” tears in with a menacing mood; evil, skittish drums pound under a wobbly transcendental vibe. The vocal ‘you’re quite hostile’ breaks in echoing and morphing throughout the composition mutating into something sinister stretching the vibe deeper and darker as it plays on. “Hostile” rolls heavy on the bass twisting and flexing under mechanical beats and eerie FX as if from another dimension. “Hostile” will bend minds and control the floor spinning to the darkest depths of the jungle; don’t sleep on this one its pure madness!

“Light It Up” from Digital is no less than a hard hitting smoker’s anthem. GANJA! “Light It Up” carries a fresh twist on the ragga jungle vibe over deep, pounding bass and hard, rolling drums. Heavy on the vocal “Light It Up” is a sure pick to connect with the crowd and add flare to the mix.

Rounding out the review of ‘Trust In Jungle Vol. 1’ we have “Dub Pirates” from Trex.  Easing in smooth as silk it sets a classic jungle vibe from the start. Focused heavily on the technicality of the drums the bass booms beneath like a well oiled machine. “Dub Pirates” plays on tribal influences and will keep the crowd suspended in a daze; authentic to the sounds of old school jungle music.

‘Trust In Jungle Vol. 1’ is a must have for the intense junglist looking for darker vibes, heavy drums and big basslines to round out their sets. Steady and mesmerizing these are all well composed tracks with immense variety; prime selections for mixing and blending into a killer journey through jungle music. Already proving to be an extremely solid jungle influenced album and there’s still more to come on the full release available 18th of July 2019 – don’t miss it!

Check out the mini mix by QU3ST at the link above and follow Trust Audio on Facebook for the latest releases.


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