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14715503_10154759561099604_7470428228289407206_oOne of the first EPs in a while where the title of the release is actually the banger. Dream Catcher is massive but that’s nothing short coming from the likes of Tyke. Safe to say, Tyke has mastered his signature sound. The “Flower of Life EP” previously released on Playaz Recordings last year was a long time coming so this latest 8 track ep on the Playaz digital is right on schedule.

Blessings feat. Daddy Earl

This is one of those XXXTra large media players to contain the seismic sound that is drum and bass. Something that pulled me into drum and bass was understanding the works with MCs. One of the first cds I’ve ever owned was a DJ Hype Drum And Bass Arena mix disc. I think it had “Rollin’ It” on the cd and from that moment drum and bass with mcs was pretty much a necessity to me. So being an active dj with whats current in drum and bass its an honor to be able to play current drum and bass tunes with Daddy Earl vocals on the tune.

DJ Hype, Wickaman, J. Majik feat. Daddy Earl – Rollin’ It

“Dream Catcher” is the main tune from this release. Accompanied by Yisrael on the vocals. This is pure drum and dance floor tuna. It rolls, it bounces and has powerful vocals backing it. It has been in my weekly radio show programs atleast once a week for the last few weeks. Can’t say too many tunes do that, words cannot describe how unique the mans sound is and why you should have atleast one of these tunes in your wallet for the next time you play out. Below is the tune titled “Dream Catcher” along with the rest of the 8 track EP which is out now!

Dream Catcher feat. Yisrael

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