Tyke – They Must Come [PLAYAZ]

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Tunes

Truly blessed is when a PLAYAZ release sees the light of day, especially when its tunes from Tyke. I’ve personally listened to his sound transform over the years, pre and post Hazard influences ‘THX Dub” being a favourite of mine. This four track extended play release out right now is like an updated “Do It Now EP” minus the big ‘Daddy Earl’. I have no choice but to bing ‘Cosmos’ as the must have in your bin, cd wallet and digital crate for summer 2017.


Neurofunk fanboys, Jump Up enthusiasts, all lovers of drum and space rejoice. This ‘Cosmos’ tune are the droids you are looking for so to speak. Erie atmos and a iconic vocal sample accompanied by a rolling syncopation of beats is signature Tyke at his finest. One of those tunes that speak for its self. To those that say Jump Up all sounds like frogs and rubber bands I say COSMOS!


Ironic that I’d bring up THX Dub in same article as the second cousin Galvanised. It’s that bit crushed bassline that I’m kicking about. Bassline that punches so hard it will give you flash backs to 2004 Dilinja tune. If you are like me and nerd out at anything remotely close to retro video game sounds in drum and bass new or old. This tune needs to be in your cart by the weekend.

If you like this release be sure to head on over to the respective label soundcloud page and copy this EP family. Share with your friends and make sure to leave your honest opinion in the comment section below as well as give this release a solid rating! I’ll be over here listening to ‘Cosmos’ for the hundredth thousand time.

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