The Upbeats & Agressor Bunx – Cauldron [FREE DOWNLOAD]

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Tunes

2016 has seen some fantastic collaborations. When I returned home from holiday to find The Upbeats & Agressor Bunx had a new track up I nearly fell out of my chair. Sometimes just the sight of a new track will give you goosebumps and set your excitement to its highest level. “Cauldron” delivers on every level.

The track opens with a distinctively sci-fi soundscape, a synth tics its way up to a build where you are hit with swirling layers of bass. As the tune reaches its final build section it levels off long enough just to give a final moment of contrast before it drops you into a absolute production master piece. Listeners will find themselves buried under bassdrops and layers of morphing mid range. As the first dancefloor section draws to a close a ominous and menacing section of vintage horror organ & strings is introduced. when the track breaks into the second dancefloor section the attention to detail and variety hits you in the face like a brick.

The Upbeats and Agressor Bunx have both had a HUGE 2016. Personally this was a collab that took me completely off guard, but ultimately shattered all of my expectations. “Cauldron” is premium NYE ammunition and is sure to do peak time damage to any dancefloor.


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