Urbandawn & Krakota – Focus Shift EP

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Tunes

Hospital Records does it again with a stand out EP from Urbandawn & Krakota. As solo artists these two have been making big waves over the last few years with their individualistic styles that already set them apart from the crowd, so teaming up for this EP seems only natural at this point. Every tune is diverse, musically driven and full of soul. From the melodic keys and beach vibes of “Laguna” to the heavy hitting “Coyote” the spectrum of drum and bass covered here is wide.

EP’s like this don’t come around often, from a DJ standpoint you could get away with playing every tune at any given point in the night to freshen up a dancefloor. No matter where these two go with their music, it’s going to be good. In reviewing this EP some things stand out from previous solo releases, the jazz and funk influences are still very strong as a team, the classically put together arrangements, letting us all know that these two are writing these rolling key progressions and sampling live instruments, and of course that Hospital Records sound we know and love, consistency in evolution is good!

I’m not gonna go into every tune from this EP but I will talk about a couple with you. Both are mentioned above. “Coyote” – for me this track has it all, a vibey, funky intro that kind of makes you feel like you’re in an 80’s adventure flick. Then…catching you off guard, the tune just slams you with a heavy bassline and a frenzy of guitar riffs with driving drumlines that will no doubt have you running to the dancefloor. “Laguna” – To me this tune really embodies the collaboration of these two artists, it demonstrates how “pretty” drum and bass can really be (I’m willing to bet grandma would even like this one 😉) , with the keys, horns and atmosphere to place your feet in the sand at sunset while waves softly crash down in front of you.

To sum it up, this album was everything I was wishing it would be. I am a fan of both guys and to see what they do together is just exciting! I always look forward to the next Hospital release, but these tunes are sticking around on playlists for years to come.  The Focus Shift EP is available on most legitimate digital music services, for Dj’s recommend purchasing direct from Hospital Records. Buy it now, Play it Loud!

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