Uttersounds – Arcane EP [IN:DEEP Music]


Coming from the down under is Uttersounds with his Arcane EP from IN:DEEP Music. The Adelaide native brings 5 deep tracks that show off his versatility as a producer, making a tasty addition to the ever-expanding Drum and Bass menu.

Starting the EP off with a big bang is Mambajam starting with some nice drums and a crisp snare. Then after a heavy low-end drumroll lining the beat, launches into some tasty deep neuro with that crisp snare cutting through the speakers. All the while funky guitar riffs are nestled within contorting synths, giving that extra edge to this track.

Singularity, however, is composed of a different vibe. Whereas Mambajam is groovy jam, Singularity starts with a more spacy tone comprised of ethereal synths with warnings of system overload. That spacy tone is found throughout the track. With a solid bass laying the bedrock of the tracks as different synths cut and layer upon each other in otherworldly ways, all the while the drums continue to pick up in speed and complexity.

Grey continues that cosmic tone, with vocals and synths alike soaked in reverb. Launching into a steady evolving drums and a fat modulated bass, the vocals continue to reverberate throughout the high end of the track. Then after a nice muted bridge, the track launches back in with glitched out percussion that gives a faster-paced feel.

Detention is where Uttersounds shows his skills with his drums and percussion. Starting with a glitchy clap and shifting percussion while the drums build, the tracks set right into a tight groove with changing drums. With machine-gun high hats and reverb filled percussion with a strong yet simple bassline laying the foundation. The latter half of the track turns it up to 11 adding shifting drum kicks, making this track an all-around slammer.

Closing out this journey through space is Apollo. Starting with ethereal synths with a light halftime beat while Kryptomedic‘s bars permeate the intro. Hitting with Kryptomedic’s low-end shattering bars, the track quickly locks into a smooth grove with building drums and a solid deep bass. All the while, Kryptomedic’s vocals weaving in and out amongst those same interstellar synths.

Indeed, there is something truly magical about the Arcane EP. Uttersounds showcases his ability to craft tracks that incorporate many different elements that adds a spark to each one of them. The end result is an EP filled with tracks that not only sound good but mix and layer upon other tracks well, with the various percussion, synths, and vocals cutting through. This is one EP not miss out on if you are looking to add some tasty and fresh deep drum and bass to your catalog.

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Bandcamp: https://indeepmusic.bandcamp.com/album/arcane-ep
Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/arcane/2674594
Junodownload: https://www.junodownload.com/…/uttersounds-arca…/4230509-02/



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