V/A – Conspiracies [Flexout Audio]


Flexout Audio is back with another various artists compilation, and this one is out of this world. With cover art pulling from retro sci-fi as well as modern issues such as money and urban sprawl, Conspiracies is one chock full of massive tracks from serious talent across the entire DNB spectrum. There is a similar vibe among these tracks: eerie atmospheres, blasts of distortion, deep bass lines. But the way each artist makes it their own is truly remarkable.


Arkaik starts the album off with “Stretch,” a heavy tune that showcases his talent for flawless productions and deep atmospherics. Employing subtle blasts of distortion that mix perfectly with carefully timed inflections of cymbal crashes, he creates a foreboding vibe that firmly establishes the mood of the album.


Sinic plays his hand next, playing off the vibe of the previous track with his own unique bent on “Exit Blue “. Just as deep and hard but with an eerie yet lively rhythm, he throws clicky hi-hats, fuzzy melodies, and sudden tempo changes at a blistering pace that keep you wondering what’s coming next. There’s no doubt this one sends any dance floor into a frenzy.


Bringing in a dark and mellow stepper comes Amoss with “Before It’s Too Late.” The track slowly builds an overwhelming feeling with its ethereal effects and IDM-flavored jungle beats. Even at full force it makes you feel like your floating in space even as that trademark Amoss growl flings you around like a rag doll.


On “Phenomenal,” Objectiv and Klinical team up to deliver a heavy dose of the deep and dark sounds of DNB. This track moves and slaps, taking the release in a whole new direction with its staccato blips and bleeps, delayed out vocals, and a driving sub bass that seems to shake you to the core. It’s easy to see why these two producers have quickly been rising in the industry lately.


Known for making smooth liquid as well as techy bangers come Gerra & Stone, giving us the furious track “Criticize.” A track that bounces and rolls as it layers ethereal vocal samples upon roars of noise upon splashes of high end. It never ceases to lay it on thick, changing pace while actually altering very little.


Up next is a serious treat, with none other than label head Bassi, Sinic, and PRTCL flexing their talent on “Sonar.” Both producers are known for having diverse taste and pushing the envelope; and that is evident in spades here. With a truly oppressive bassline, a mind-twisting melodic motif, and expansive jungle workouts, these two expertly explore the elasticity drum and bass music possesses.


Conscience delivers a full force techy roller next with “Execute.” The number of layers he throws around at any single point of time is impressive: the buzzing hum that infects your ears, the constant bang of the snare, the intricate rhythm of the cymbal section, the deep bass line that holds it all together. All brought together, it hammers home the feeling of paranoia perfectly.


GROUND enters next, delivering the fierce track that is “Conduction.” Full of hard-cracking snares, roaring blasts of distortion, ominous sounding synths, and deep rolling vibes, he fuses all this with his unique style of composition and production; thus creating a masterpiece that blends the past and the future in the best way possible.


Flexout alumna Taelimb throws down next, on the no-holds barred track “Back Up.” This track is heavyweight and employs everything from jungle breaks to creepy sci-fi vocal samples to a grinding fuzz bassline. He has a unique talent for putting together tracks that are insanely intense and intricate, and has created a real force of nature track here.


Overwhelming bass lines is a trend on this release, and One87 doesn’t shy from this one bit on his banger “The One.” Bringing out a jump influenced rhythm with a killer hum of low end that drags you deep underground, he relentlessly blasts you with distorted echoes of techy sounds and delayed vocals that hypnotize you into submission.


Last but not least, the surreal sounds of Survey close out the release with “Momentum.” This group has a very unique vibe and sound, and puts it on full display here. Using a dark melodic groove, they showcase their mastery of atmospheric synths, complex beat patterns, and squalls of sounds to deliver a track that sends the mind off into space, while making your feet move involuntarily.

Overall, this is a top-notch release; the passion and devotion each artist put into their tracks is easily discernible. Out now on all the usual platforms, scoop this one up without delay!





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