V O E – Sirens/The Darkness


So another release from the Australian label ProtoCode (PRTCD018). The label has been bringing us relentless releases from new, inspiring artists for a while now and V O E are no exception.

An Australian duo, hellbent on destroying the dancefloor with dark but euphoric tunes caught our ears at the tail end of 2020 with ‘Where You Belong’ on ProtoCode and are fast becoming the talk of the town in the Drum & Bass community.

This release immediately caught my attention when it landed in my inbox with the first part of the release ‘Sirens’ which starts with a beautifully serene synthesised melody, taking you almost to a dark space forest in the dead of night, backed up by an amazing vocal that wouldn’t sound out of place in a metal tune. This lulls you into a sense that this tune might be on the light side, until the alarm sound in the build up to the drop alerts you to the fire that is about to consume you. The drop is heroic, just punishing you left, right and centre with a stompy riff and stabbing reece but then suddenly breaks back into the vocal to calm you down, maintaining a heavy reece in the background. It breaks down again with the alarm sample and drops you in even heavier than before with an amen break and euphoric sounds that picks you up but hurls you around the room like a ragdoll. Taking you further through a small half-time section that leads you into a third drop which reminds you about the abuse you got from the initial drop.

The flip is a musical masterpiece, called ‘The Darkness’. This is almost relaxing, and just what you need after the onslaught of Sirens. Again, the melodic vocals are what make this act so special, taking you through an awesome intro that leads you to a smooth drop which has borders a liquid vibe but the euphoric sounds give it the grit needed to keep the tune on the dark side.

All in all a fantastic release, which will be available for purchase on 19th March 2021 (Beatport) and all other platforms on the 2nd April 2021 and expect to see more from V O E as they rise to Drum & Bass stardom. They’ve already had their remix of Don’t You by Black Sun Empire appear this week which is an absolute slapper!

Keep an eye out for previews on ProtoCode’s Soundcloud page


More information on V O E can be found here: https://linktr.ee/VOEaus



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