V O E – Take What You Want/Come This Far [Viper Recordings]


So we have another release from the mighty V O E, this time on Viper Recordings. Constantly impressing the DNB community with their outstanding efforts and since my last review of theirs, they even had an absolute belter of a podcast on Blackout Music which I’ve listened to several times already!

The first side, ‘Take What You Want’ is a beautiful piece of music with those stunning vocals which make your hairs stand on end taking you through an utterly mesmerising intro filled with gorgeous, relaxing piano and beautiful synths towards an epic dancefloor drop that just screams festival. I said it before, you could almost relate this to metal music in a roundabout way with those awesome vocals, I love them!

The next track is heavier than the first and just what you want to hear just as much. ‘Come This Far’ starts with a mysterious sample which could make you feel like you’re on top of a windy hill, watching the waves crash against the cliffs below. Pulsing you into the drop with a lovely stab which pounds you in the face following a distorted vocal telling you what’s about to happen. This one is a great crossover between neurofunk and dancefloor drum & bass. The second drop kicks you in the face with a bit of extra percussion onto the next bar which drops you into almost a different tune but back to that stunning groove of the first drop.

I just can’t wait to hear more from these guys, I won’t be happy until ,y USB is full of V O E bangers!

These guys need to be heard on the main stage at Let It Roll, Saturday night, 1am. That’s where I see them going and they will tear the place to pieces for sure. Get gone COVID, let these stars shine!

The release is out now! Grab your copy here:




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