VA ‘Flavours Vol. 1’ [C4C Limited]


When C4C is putting out a release you KNOW it’s going to be extra tough!! This week Cause4Concern has a jam packed release of various artists for the ‘Flavours Vol. 1’ EP and it is absolutely full of drum and bass flavour across the board. With artists like Dropset, JayVee, KillBreak, Psynchro and Symplex & Confusion on the track list this is a big one!! Let’s take a look at all the flavours C4C delivers this week.

Dropset kicks off the EP with “Eye Opener” boasting a monstrous intro piling upon synths building aggressively as the beat takes control barreling through the build with hostility. A break and a breath before the drop intensifies the moment even more as intricacy and detail pours through Dropset’s sound design. ‘Open Your Eyes’. The composition is whipped back to life as highs wind wildly weaving through the measures as the beat belts on. Booming basslines support the vibe as the breaks and fills give this track a mind of its own morphing, changing and evolving through the phrases with powerful carnage to wallop the dance floor. Dropset continues to annihilate with his consistency and intelligence in arrangement pumping out the neuro we all need!

Next up is “Movement” from JayVee floating in upon an airy intro that leaves room for the creative mixer. Eerie synths break the silence with a sinisterly soft vibe until the bass blasts through electrifying the mix diving into a devious beat that bounces through the remainder of the build. Intense energy explodes at the drop as dirty, techy beats grind through the phrases punchy and thick. The bassline brings perfect balance to the track as the effects run on the highs for a filthy, furiously fun track from JayVee. Sure to get the floor on the groove “Movement” is a must grab.

KillBreak’s “Black Thursday” plays upon the darkness pulling pads and percussive elements through the build as the beat marches feverishly to the drop. A neck breaking half time jam waits as dangerously deep bass bounds between slick rhythms aptly timed for a smooth groove. The second drop packs a powerful punch flipping the script to a higher energy, upbeat pattern that brings the beastly neurofunk energy to life. “Black Thursday” from KillBreak keeps the mood growing and vibes flowing for an extremely creative blend in the mix.

“Earthquake” from Psynchro builds upon artificially augmented vocalizations as sinister sounds tumble through with an unnatural energy possessing the build. An all out assault at the drop brings manic measures that pour dnb from the seams. Ultra violent beats bash, break and bend with an industrialized blast. Malicious basslines captivate and bend beneath; a colossal punch to keep the composition moving. The high ends blast in report emphasizing the vicious vibrations as the sullen voices peek from the shadows. “Earthquake” will womp and stomp all over the dancefloor, a killer track to incorporate into the mix from Psynchro.

Wrapping up the ‘Flavours Vol. 1 EP’ is a powerhouse track from Symplex & Confusion titled “Resonate”. Charismatic keys run the build packing power, energy and integrity into the thickness of the fluid creativity pulsing through this track. Radiant rhythms and boundless basslines tunnel toward the drop as the melody holds the pace. A vocal enhancement amps things up even more as we ‘Resonate’ into the bulk of the track where the bass takes control consuming the composition as it crunches between crisp kicks. Sharp horns add bits of flare and the effects and breaks are tight. The rhythms ride ultra slick tying “Resonate” together into a beast of a track that doesn’t hold back. True drum and bass flavour from Symplex & Confusion.

Grab your copy of ‘Flavours Vol. 1’ October 4 2021 from C4C Limited.







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