VALE- Dimitri’s Table VA

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Tunes

If you’ve been paying attention, there have been some interesting rumblings in the experimental bass music scene of late thanks to the VALE artist collective. With a stated focus on a “Dark Bass” sound, VALE has been delivering a slew of interesting releases and compilations, with Dimitri’s Table being the latest continuation of that trend. If you’re a fan of bass music in general this one is definitely up your alley, with everything from bass house to DnB represented within. For pure DnB heads however, there’s a few key tracks to check out.

KLIINE, DMR, & WALRUS TALES’ “Eccentric” is definitely one for the liquid fans, presenting a silky smooth ride through a haze of jazzy pads on top of a flowing drumbeat. Fans of halftime will most likely find enjoyment in MISSIN & POSEIDON’s powerful “Confusion”, as well as the bombastic “Raveclash” by CRIMES! & SIGRAH. Overall, If you’re looking to expand your musical boundaries with some unique tonal textures, this is the compilation for you.

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