Various Artists ‘Alpha Cuts Vol. 2’ [ProtoCode]

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Out now on all platforms ProtoCode presents ‘Alpha Cuts Volume 2’ and this release is stacked with eleven tracks to ignite the fire in your drum and bass sets. Snapping up artists and influences from across the spectrum ProtoCode has once again pulled out all the stops with this floor moving, bin blasting release that is overflowing with fresh flavors there’s sure to be something for everyone in this cutting edge album. Let’s get into ‘Alpha Cuts Volume 2’.

ESYM “Decide or Divide” 

Gripping vocals weave through this symphonic composition which volleys from brutal neuro to smooth dance floor vibes. Beautifully beastly Esym’s “Decide or Divide” is packed with energy to heat up the dance floor.

ORYX “Anima”

Atmospheric and moody the deep tones drive this composition into depths unknown as it engulfs the floor in its fierce whip. “Anima” from Oryx boosts the lows to enhance the mix.


Colorfully composed this confrontational bit hits on aggressive militant vibes boasting brutal beats and fierce frequencies. With a hint of hardcore “Sub Zero” bangs for sure!

GNRLEY “Perish”

A suspensefully orchestrated track this one slashes and slams in unforgiving fashion. GNRLEY has bring devious design and mystifyingly dangerous vibes to “Perish”.

666666 “Dxrk Plxce”

Evil, steppy broken beats snap sparsely amidst growling bursts of bass and nail biting vocal samples to intensify the mood. 666666 brings the adrenaline to a peak with “Dxrk Plxce”.

JENSKE “Sequence”

An insanely powerful number from Jenske balances skyrocketing highs and warm, electrifying basslines that perfectly blend. “Sequence” will take the room to new dimensions with its upbeat energy and resilient force.

SPEKSKI “Higher”

This tantalizingly teasing track brings warm tones and intense harmonics, so thick it will suffocate the floor in complete euphoria with furious melodies, surreal basslines and overall relentless energy that flows like lava throughout. A superiorly impressive composition Spekski’s “Higher” is indeed taking us higher, into uncharted dimensions of dnb!


Mystical vibes flow amidst upbeat energy in this funk and funky tune sure to make the floor groove twisted with neuro flavor and spicy accompaniments Against Odds kicks the heat up with “Paris Funk”!

THIR13EN “Bass Worship”

Mind bending basslines dominate this crunchy composition flowing through the track destructively as they break and bend. Thir13en summons the deepest tones to blast the bins to bits.


Dubby and bouncy this one smashes and slashes as it bangs with broken brute force. Transforma & Recall have combined forces pulling out all the stops to provide a dominating powerhouse track in the mix with “Reload”.

DEEP NOTION “Mechanism”

Overflowing with nefarious neurofunk vibes “Mechanism” from Deep Notion flows fluidly in the mix. Filthy and fresh this one is heavy but still brings a danceable groove as it complements other tracks beautifully with intelligent composition it’s a well rounded tune with intense energy and thick sounds.

That wraps up the ‘Alpha Cuts Volume 2’ review. As you can see ProtoCode has once again stacked the compilation with a wide array of drum and bass to appease the masses.

ProtoCode’s ‘Alpha Cuts Volume 2’ is available now on all platforms! Grab your copy now! 

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