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A colossal compilation of drum and bass is about to shake up the place this week as Genome Records brings a massive amount of talent from various artists on ‘Dynamic Dysruption Pt.2’. This one is sure to add some boom to the playlists with jam packed flavor and quality production consuming every tune. Let’s get right into the release!


A moody atmosphere engulfs the build diving into suspenseful darkness, the tension is thick as the drop is about to hit. The tune begins to move gurgling through dense, wobbling basslines and bulky beats with hints of vocalizations in the effects to heighten the senses, the “Abyss” creeping in all around. The second drop doesn’t stop with a funky switch turning up the energy with thicker rhythms and a bit more bounce. “Abyss” from Decades is the prime tune to change up the groove!



A vibrant intro playfully pulses to life cutting into a hyped up beat supporting an aggressive chant to grab attention in the dance as it winds up tight in preparation for a massive drop. “We Scream We Shout” barrels through beastly chunks of bass slapping between cutthroat rhythms, the effects slashing in the background with the vocal stuttered through punchy and prominent to interact with the room. No doubt you’ll want to bag this monster neuro tune from Diode for the ultimate control of the groove.



Danger broods as “Ava” dangles through the build, an eerie animated adventure is about to ensue. The drop attacks with a jaw jabbing blast with machine gun beats annihilating the mix flying in punchy precision with an energy that doesn’t end. Clever basslines surge and swipe to further the delicate devastation “Ava” brings incorporating manic flips that fire frantically keeping the aggression at the peak. An all out assault of funky flare to ignite the dance Inao is not holding back!



A moody rhythm stirs through the build with a cinematic tinge in the air, breaking as it slowly surges back to life ready to cut like a knife. “Shadow Hook” pummels into the drop an electrifying composition unfolds to move incessantly through the mix. Powerful beats are on the prowl with a bassline that doesn’t hold back as it consumes whipping through. A contrasting mood moves in relaxing the vibe for a bit of a breath before more carnage ensues. “Shadow Hook” from Khronos delivers an unmatched groove.



“Darkspawn” grabs attention with the quickness with the high ends bubbling in over a menacing, marching beat building beneath. The anticipation grows thick as the atmosphere encapsulates the crowd and Splash Heads are about to ‘turn it UP’! The drop dominates the dance with a fierce flow transmitting merciless melodies twisting through dynamic drum patterns capturing a tinge of the dancefloor mood dripping from the neuro beast slapping through. “Darkspawn” is an adrenaline boosting hybrid tune that will crank up the movement in any room!

Grab your pre-order of ‘Dynamic Dysruption Pt. 2’ from Genome Records now, it drops next week! CLICK HERE

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