Various Artists ‘Friends LP’ [Neurofunk What Else + Raving Panda Records]

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Raving Panda Records and Neurofunk What Else are joining forces on a label collaboration to bring you a pumped up powerful pack of tracks bursting with all the neurofunk you can handle and then some! Strap yourself in for a brutal beat down beginning to end in this evolutionary display of drum and bass with no holds barred the ‘Friends LP’ is smashing, pounding, in your face raging neurofunk to kick your ass up, down, left, right and sideways! Let’s get some!!


Bobby kick starts this LP with a big BANG as “Whisper” winds through a warm build playing upon a timid beat and a moody melody as the bass erodes into the composition with an ultrasonic flash swelling to full power, the crest washing over the drop. An all out neuro assault unfolds with an upbeat energetic rhythm carrying the screaming highs paired with chunky basslines to blast the bins with vocal cuts sprinkled within as this titan track flips and smacks through the mix. “Whisper” will elevate the energy in an instant and packs a big hit that can’t be missed!


A bouncy intro consumes control on Bons’ “Ahoj” sliding in solid from the first beat formulating a groove as the intensity thickens beefing up the rhythm winding maliciously to the powerhouse drop that slaps in with a full on funk firing from all angles. The bassline dips and bends slashing through the mix with an animated melody amidst punchy beats that fire fast for extreme energy roaring in the dance.


Snappy beats ride through the build on “Drowsy” with shocking synths that dip and dive, flipping and growing as the composition stomps on tumbling into an electrified drop. A powerful bassline surges through robotic beats and solid effects to amplify the aggression as Confusion switches up the tune bouncing into a hypnotic hop. Big sounds all around in this one for a hefty neuro punch in the mix “Drowsy” is a neck snapping good time!


“Bitchslap” thunders in the highs wind playfully between ultra thick beats popping into a fierce four on the floor pattern to amp the energy UP and pull the room into the dance as the highs continue to throb menacingly racing to the drop. A powerhouse of neurofunk explodes with devious design the bass surges through the lows with sleek sample placement to kick in all the right spots and a high-octane boost on the rhythm to snag the spotlight in the mix as it blasts through rough and tough with every hit. The second drop brings serious heat as Hated & The Audio Killers pump it up even more sure to leave faces melting on the dance floor.


An atmospheric intro strikes the senses as the beat builds steadily animating into a hyper driven steamroller plowing into the drop. Jhofre & Vicjoff’s “Rave Generation” takes off with an upbeat steppy hop and a bit of a hardcore smash as the beats thrash, broken perfectly while the highs crash between fierce fills that push it over the top and a beastly bassline plumping it up for non-stop power in the mix exploding with every hit!


“Enter the Vision” from Kontrakt pulls you right in with a hypnotic build that grabs attention with an inescapable energy as a mysterious chant flows into the drop riddled with colorful beats and a good blend on the bassline to formulate a harmonious attack in the dance. The moodiness engulfs the composition from beginning to end billowing through the mix with sick breaks and wild fills to perfect the technical perception in this track.


A sinister build raises alarm as the beats burst in over a growing sense of danger on the horizon. The bass floods in as a vocal stutter rockets the rhythm to the drop coming into a symphonic crossbreed neuro beast with thick, heavy beats and a wobbly melody volleying as the bassline screams below. Unparalleled artistry bleeds from this track, it’s titled “Hold It” but Mind Theory is not holding back!


Rising slowly to the drop you know it’s about to pop when the bouncy rhythm cuts in, with MV it’s always a win! “Friends” takes control of the composition rumbling murderously low with a filthy flare on the bassline and a poignant beat that’s tough like a bear as it slices and growls through the mix annihilating the airwaves with a punchy twist. MV always brings the heat and quality with creative tunes that are fresh and fun and “Friends” is absolutely another big one!


A soft melody eases into the track pulling you in with no looking back as the drop ticks closer to the demise the anticipation is high and there is zero doubt as a filthy neuro BANGER lashes out. Detonating deviously out of nowhere Saintone’s “Resonate Evil” smacks from all sides starting with the insane rhythms ravaging the mix continuing on to the towering basslines that stab and all the manic fills and effects that push this one over the top with the most monstrous sounds attacking all the way through non-stop.


The Audo Killers & The Fi5th team up for an intergalactic hit. “Parasite” transmits sounds from another universe entirely as animated beats blast through a cosmic battle welcoming a dangerous dose of bass to the mix. The adrenaline boosts high and the drop hasn’t even hit but an explosion of beats awaits firing rapidly over a dangerously bouncy bassline cut and snapped between samples and effects in the ultimate onslaught through the mix transcending dimensions with this relentlessly funked up neuro grit. The breakdown is crazy, evil and insane setting the second drop up to absolutely melt your brains!

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