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ROOT 97 is a label you need to pay attention to! Pushing the ever evolving sound of the funk they’re committed to making their name knocking out releases with a progressive focus of developing their own vibe mixed with the rejuvenation of the wicked nostalgic essence from the ‘prime’ of Neurofunk’s historic sound. The ‘Leaving Reality EP’ showcases this intention perfectly let’s get into that now!


A moody build prepares to “Exit Reality” riding on the deep end as a shiver of light pulls the rhythm to attention with atmospheric echoes thickening up the mix. A break in the build regenerates the energy in a fierce flash as the drop crashes in. A technical monster roars between the blusterous beat patterns and menacing bassline with mechanical effects and vocal samples intertwined bringing heat to the blend from every end. The second drop cranks up the intensity bouncing into a vicious variation. “Exit Reality” is a masterpiece of mind bending funk; Nemean means business with this one!


Aye Rights offers two tracks to the ‘Leaving Reality EP’. “Decadence” slides in with sassy synths sneaking through the build when the beat breaks in with a punchy kick, the darkness brooding as the drop rolls in. Serious old skool vibes control the ride with electrifying basslines twisting through the composition, the beat thriving on the supremacy on simplicity. The second drop brings a sophisticated switch as “Decadence” keeps the drive steady in the mix.

“LFG” holds the mood with an astounding build centering on the same concept of reviving the classic tech step sound as the drop booms in pounding powerfully with that sentimental grit. Aye Rights keeps the energy up with a collection of sounds throbbing rough and tough to make the dance move it’s absolute floor stomping intensity! Let’s f*cking GO!


An expressive vocal clip sets “Sound Control” in motion as it’s chopped and stuttered through the build, a softness simmering in the melody as it twists and thrives to the drop dissipating into an upbeat furrow of funk that’s sure to get the floor UP! Chunky beats keep the step on the move with billowing basslines that keep the vocal on track pulling that nostalgic vibe right back. “Sound Control” is an energetic selection for all the headz, add this one to the crate quick!


BaSys brings a two pack to the ‘Leaving Reality EP’ and we’re so glad he did! “Dusk Til Dawn” emerges with a forbidding darkness lingering in the mix as the cinematic intro continues to grow, the drum line striking a militant beat that’s broken as the atmosphere suffocates ready to pop at the drop in an intense campaign of funk! The beats stomp with effects flying from every angle as the rhythm grows relentlessly, the bass booming through thick. BaSys colorfully creates vigorous vibes with this exhilarating, innovative display of DNB.

“The Last Battle” carries the torch into an artistically orchestrated intro that fosters a moody ambience angelically engulfing the mix as it caresses the build in preparation for the drop to rip your face off. Excitement elevates the energy around every bend from the picturesque soundscape to the angry amens punching through the mix. A clever contrast between the orchestral melodies and all out onslaught of funk really levels this track UP! The essence of “The Last Battle” is out of control, one play will keep you coming back to discover more treasures from this very talented producer. Keep a close eye on BaSys he’s making serious strides and leveling up, changing the game with his passion and persistence and this entire EP can’t be missed!

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