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Get ready for an EP of epic proportions as High Resistance Recordings amasses an army of heavy hitting drum and bass producers to embark on a malevolent mission to an alternate dimensional battle on ‘Nemesis Chapter 1’. Spewing heat from the first beat all the way through the end every track is top shelf DJ artillery and we’re going to dive into it now!


An engaging build captivates the mood from the first note with a killer combination of mystery lingering in the atmosphere transcending into a melodic groove, the vocal bubbling up making its move as “Lazerbeam” continues to morph and progress powerfully, forcing the energy to the ULTIMATE height. The drop cannonballs into an all out floor stomper of a tune emitting insane amounts of animation into the mix as it cuts and slices thrillingly through the phrases with relentless attitude to consume the room. Not even to the breakdown and Prdk isn’t done mopping the floor because “Lazerbeam” is punching it up even more rocketing into new dimensions of DNB with unreal exuberance; it goes like this (BOOM) and it goes like that (STOMP), you’re just going to have to listen to see what I mean. “Lazerbeam” is a non-stop onslaught of aggressively fun in your face drum and bass and easily one of the hardest hitting tunes so far this year!


“Atomic Rift” offers a thick ambience entering the track as playful melodies loom jittering between the beats readily approaching a nasty drop that’s sure to make jaws drop! Grungy basslines provide a monstrous mood pumping pungently between brutal beats blasting to crank up the heat. “Atomic Rift” flips into an energetic 4/4 inspired beat and then whips back to annihilate the floor some more with its dynamic driving force. Be sure to hang out for the second drop that offers an even harder push! Intense energy to make an impact in the mix Singular & Fascad’s “Atomic Rift” can’t be missed!


A mischievous melody controls the groove welcoming a heartfelt verse to the blend injecting emotion to the mood as the energy amps up winding high and tight dropping into a jumpy dance floor hybrid tune with an extra boost of oomph. Rotation Labs pulls elements from every angle to this tantalizing “Troublemaker” to tease the mix. It’s got heart, it’s got soul, it’s got snap and pizzazz for a memorable experience in the dance. The second half brings extra enthusiasm stuttering the drop to get the floor moving non-stop!


Softness in the build adds tranquility to the mix as shimmering synths spiral toward the drop engulfed in a cinematic swirl, the beat boiling furiously as “Infinite Regress” is set to implode. Popping off with a heavy hit of funk the bass surges with the rhythm kicking hard emitting the signature FractalOne sound. Punchy and powerful “Infinite Regress” transcends through the measures keeping the mood high with bouncy, adventurous style and extreme attention to detail they always go the extra mile.


Tension echoes winding up anticipation in the intro teasing sheepishly into the drop “Sunset Racing Club” is about to POP! Drifting into a heavy composition the moodiness carrying over from the build, lingering in the shadows as the bass revs low beneath colorfully punchy drums and eerie tones eagerly awaiting what’s around the next turn as Krot continues to switch it up. A steamy second drop brings a dangerous halftime groove stabbing savagely; “Sunset Racing Club” is a surefire tune if you plan on making the floor move.


A warm build emits a moody glow, twinkling in as the beat snaps to attention with a mysterious narrative bubbling, the animation continues to grow and the drop is ready to blow! A devious bassline twists and seethes raging amidst a relentless rhythm keeping the energy high, effects swishing through to complete the composition. “Whispers” from Bons blends flawlessly in the mix for that perfect switch!

‘Nemesis Chapter 1’ is available on High Resistance Recordings the 15th of March. PRE-ORDER HERE

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