Various Artists – ‘Odysseus Vol. 1’ [Vahana Records]

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Vahana Records presents a set stomping various artists release this week with ‘Odysseus Vol. 1’. Take a ride on the dark side of DNB with Hydrant, Cross-Over, LoveTheEND, Dead King x Bobby, Indent and DarKYYComet as the first volume of Odysseus flips ferociously through these aggressively animated selections. It’s time to get into ‘Odysseus Vol. 1’ NOW!


A scripted narrative sparks tension through the intro building up the energy as it grows to the drop. An ‘unbelievably powerful rolling bassline’ takes control driving “Rave Station” through the phrases with a wicked, grumpy groove. Dark energy cuts through the mix with nice sampling and effects to give “Rave Station” a kick.


Moody and melodic the build climbs cautiously on deep tones sliding spicy drums into the mix, the darkness engulfs as the drop rolls out a sinisterly styled bassline that rumbles dangerously deep. Snappy amens will keep the floor on their feet with each hit as “Over The Edge” chugs along. Deep vocalizations enhance the eeriness of this track, once you’re in there’s no turning back!


The highs control the build tingling through time, welcoming a feisty melody and soft vocals as the beat snaps in slinking into the drop. Beastly broken beats unfold in a burly measure before the energy edges up amplifying the thickness. Flipping and switching “Marble Hornets” carries on caressing the contrast carefully between darkness and light in the mix.


Ripples rage through the build as new elements continue to be pulled into the parade, ticking like a time bomb toward the drop “Orion” lights up with intensely stuttered vocalizations bounced between aggressive beats pumping angrily with a symphonic melody seething beneath. A new twist in the composition steps up the energy with a jazzy touch and the second drop attacks just as tough!


A tense build winds the anticipation up as vocals slice in with slick beats driving to the drop. Burly basslines gurgle and wind, twisting and contorting the composition as the rhythm grinds. Spacious in style “Crowbar” still packs quite a punch and will add some oomph to the mix with the low end sounds seething with every hit.


Bone chilling beats tip toe through the build intertwined with cybernetic sampling in the mix as the atmosphere grows thick. The drop brings the bounce to “Cyber X” as it smashes through the layers with vocal cuts amping the mood to a robotic groove. Modern ideas and creative technique make “Cyber X”unique!

‘Odysseus Vol. 1’ from Vahana Records is available now! Stream/Buy HERE 

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