Various Artists ‘Slither EP Vol.1’ [Boomslang Recordings]


Boomslang Recordings is bringing it BIG this week with a grab bag of gnarly tunes dropping this Friday, just in time to smash into your weekend sets as we’re seeing events rising again around the globe! The ‘Slither EP Vol. 1’ is a serious selection of killer tracks from artists on the Boomslang roster including Dropset, ESKR, Todd Buchler & Pish Posh and the Hyperbots creating a well rounded release with something for every taste in drum and bass. Let’s break it down.

“Soul Breaker” from Dropset brings the ‘Slither EP Vol.1’ to life with a bang! Radical rhythms raid the intro, marching in methodically winding up into a supremely composed barrage of beats blasting through. Atmospheric elements consume the composition for a bit in a suspenseful break before rebuilding with a wicked warning to ravish the drop. Crunchy basslines blast barreling through the measures as the snares smack and crack, staggered with ferocious fills. Beastly horns blast adding bounce to the mix as they bend and twist. Creative breaks and effects carry the suspense with sinister snippets of samples lurking within. A serious weapon of mass destruction Dropset provides the heaviest of neuro vibes to shatter the dance floor with “Soul Breaker”.

ESKR is up next with “Data Storm” flowing through the build with punchy rhythms that fire fiercely from the first beat. Increasing the intensity as the intro winds on evil atmospherics enter as the brilliant bassline wobbles to life alternating energies with heavy high ends. The drop explodes into a blaze of bass booming through the bins as it staggers and shakes to vibrate the floor in an onslaught of rich low end sounds. ESKR brings clever composition techniques to “Data Storm” balancing the beats and the bass to foster an extraordinarily funky groove that’s tested and proved to make the floor move!

If you’re on the hunt for more of a Jungle inspired tune check out “Rewind” from Todd Buchler & Pish Posh it’s sure to satisfy any mood. Angry atmospherics slither through the measures as solemn synths tremble and echo in return taunting the beat to rise as “Rewind” builds with serious intensity. Sneaky vocalizations bring the drop to life; an innovative production of deep bass drops dipping between vibrantly crisp rhythms, playful aesthetics, vivid vocalizations, clever fills and effects and so much more. Manipulations in the measures break and bend modulating the bassline with beats blasting furiously in unforgiving fashion with malicious intent to make the floor move and groove in this ingenious production from Todd Buchler & Pish Posh. “Rewind” is one you don’t want to miss.

Wrapping up the ‘Slither EP Vol. 1’ in a colossal way is the Hyperbots’ “Take Me Away”, an ultimate DJ weapon of mass destruction to destroy the floor and leave them begging for more. Serene strings strum into the intro seducing a soft verse to sway through, sweet and sentimental it glides as it builds a bubbly dance floor vibe propelling powerfully toward the drop. Monster energy consumes the composition as dubby bass blasts to slaughter and smash electrifying the mix. Clean, broken beats snap and crack amidst flying highs riddled with symphonic sounds and sic delays. The vocals carry, mechanically sliced and diced manipulated to stutter and skip as the bass wails on. A profoundly prismatic piece from the Hyperbots “Take Me Away” is detonating dangerous energy, one of the most powerful tracks to come from 2021 so far and we can’t wait for more!

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Slither EP Vol. 1’ from Boomslang Recordings available May 28, 2021 worldwide and keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass for all the latest I’ll be sure to keep tabs on what else Boomslang has in store because I guarantee there’s a whole lot more!








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