Various Artists ‘Slither EP Vol.2’ [Boomslang Recordings]

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Boomslang Recordings is at it again with the next instalment in the Slither EP series coming in fresh with all the tracks you’re searching for on Volume 2 of this massive series. Slither EP Vol. 1 saw the likes of Dropset, Todd Buchler & Pish Posh, ESKR and Hyperbots as it heated up summer sets in festivals across the globe. Volume 2 is coming in just as tough to keep that temperature UP with some creative cuts to get the mixes bumping and the dance floors jumping! Let’s slide right into the EP to find out more!

Noize Komplaint “Chubs”

Noize Komplaint’s “Chubs” winds in on brutal beats volleying between powerful pads shredding through the intro with intensity only to break heightening the anticipation then BOOM! “Chubs” pours straight into a crafty composition overflowing with thick, full bass that thumps and wallops to pummel the floor while the beats blast on severely unmatched pounding thunderously as the measures dance on. Electrifyingly dubby vibes resonate throughout, rumbling the room to make the floor move and groove this track is extra thick but also intelligently structured for the creative dj looking for a longer mix or more options in the composition to find a groove.

Vmbrella “Ectoplasm”

A heavier industrial vibe comes to life on “Ectoplasm” from Vmbrella. Stomping in furiously the synths cry furiously, brutally intimidating as the drop creeps closer. Hefty basslines heave in an impressive display of bass design as the beats pulse on feverishly curating a dark, monstrous, angry vibe. The aggressive energy carries on as “Ectoplasm” lets filthy beats fly in a frenzy of breaks rumbling and roaring, the ultimate fuel for a devious set!

SST “Feeling Strange”

A peculiar entrance to “Feeling Strange” from SST will awaken the wildest vibes jittering between pouncing percussives, stuttering effects and mind bending melodies to bring the BOUNCE to the mix. “Feeling Strange” is full of power, a technical dream bursting with unique oddities, ravaging rhythms that roll through the measures with a sense of attention to detail to impress the most trained ear. Mindful use of effects and vocal snippets enrage fire amidst the madness as the bass ricochets in return grinding a path all its own to balance the composition with immense force. A well planned musical masterpiece that bends on and on SST delivers nearly six minutes of intense drum and bass something strongly desired by dj’s but often overlooked in the production world, “Feeling Strange” is about to find a solid spot on the playlists for sure!

Bad Martian “Hard 2 Be Martian” ft. Werd MC & Drea

Distant melodies sway as “Hard 2 Be Martian” from Bad Martian begins building upon voluptuous vocals from Drea picking up a groove as Werd MC flows in over hip-hop influenced beats providing positivity amidst punchy rhythms flipping back to Drea’s stylish hook before the drop as the two continue in a dynamic duet throughout the track. A symbolic expression of artistry this track emits beauty and love with nothing but PLUR vibes screaming throughout. Eccentric, genre bending beats accompany this song morphing and mutating to accentuate the vocalists as the narrative carries on with the deep desire to education and emulate the strength we carry within. More than your basic drum and bass track Bad Martian, Werd MC & Drea have a lot to say so sit back and soak it all in!!

Slither EP Vol. 2 is just another reason to recognize Boomslang Recordings is holding steady killing it in the game! Be sure to follow them on socials and keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass consistently bringing you all the latest on Boomslang and more!

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