Various Artists – ‘Temple of Boom Vol. 1’ [Boomslang Recordings]

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

Bringing back the BOOM this week Boomslang Recordings unleashes their latest compilation ‘Temple of Boom Vol. 1’. This pack of tracks is stacked with fresh, funky exotic flavor and seriously savage heat from artists like CPTL PNSHMNT ft. Forever Heaven, Kadilak, Xsonsence x Slayt and newcomer to the label Parix with his first ever DNB track that absolutely SLAPS! Wild and untamed, venture into the Temple of Boom… if you dare!


An eerie darkness engulfs the build as the highs chirp mercilessly leading into a beastly beat that builds fiercely toward the drop just waiting to strike. Exploding into an array of dangerously dirty bass “Coqui” carries a crisply crunchy deep vibe as it bounces and breaks, twisting and wobbling through the phrases the highs sneaking through infecting the mood. With a pequilar punch “Coqui” creeps through the mix with sinister energy pouring through the groove. CPTL PNSHMNT & Forever Heaven have set the tone for ‘Temple of Boom Vol. 1’ with savage intent, be sure to check this track!


Shifting into high gear Kadilak brings “Monte Carlo” into the spotlight ticking through the build with precision and force as the beats rumble to life igniting the mix. Punchy rhythms control the composition charging through the phrases as the bass grinds with extra oomph twisting and winding with aggressive energy that keeps the tune flowing steady to get the floor to a full bounce. “Monte Carlo” glides through dangerously driving a danceable neuro punch riddled with clever samples and sic broken beats into the mix. You won’t want to miss this!


Suspense strikes through the build floating in on somber synths and angry beats that stomp with feral force to the drop. Barbaric basslines blast, chomping through the composition as severely broken beats step savagely through the track. A bit more minimal in design the darkness of “Pimp Mechanisms” still packs a maximum punch offering an extreme beatdown to the dance floor. Heavy tones, ludicris lows, sometimes less is more and the dark swing Xsonsence x Slayt provide controls the mix and flips the mood.


An animated intro brings AI vocal samples and dubby FX straight into the mix setting the scene for a seriously suspenseful journey through the build. Winding on “Halo” grows cinnnematically playing upon stealthy synths and slow kicks morphing steadily into a more aggressive groove as the melody winds through. Booming bass strikes electrifying the entrance into the drop; 3… 2… 1… goodbye. Detonation ACTIVATE! Powerfully punchy beats dominate this neuro monster flowing flawlessly as they ravage the mix broken with stylish fills and exhuberant energy that snaps. The bassline wallops in return with filthy, dubby flavor creating pure insanity that charges on unrestrained. This may be the first ever drum and bass track from Parix but it’s one of the most exciting and fresh tunes I’ve heard so far this year! His talent as a musician and next level abilities as a professional drummer really shine! Hoping to hear lots more from Parix soon!

Grab your copy of ‘Temple of Boom Vol.1’ out now from Boomslang Recordings. CLICK HERE.


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