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Boomslang Recordings is quickly becoming a staple in the scene as they smashed through 2021 pumping out release after release, each one overflowing with top shelf tunes pushing the evolution of the underground sound from both established and upcoming artists in drum and bass. They also boast some of the most cutting edge album covers thanks to Matthew Thatcher’s artwork and the crispest sounding tracks courtesy of The Lion’s Den Mastering.

To top off this monumental year ‘The 2021 Annual’ is on the way spanning the catalogue with the best from Boomslang Recordings to date. Let’s get deeper into this 18 track LP and take a look at what Boomslang is all about!

Angry and aggressive Dropset’s “Soul Breaker” from Slither EP Vol. 1 is an all out assault of the heaviest neurofunk sporting callous horns and a bloodbath of basslines that wallop, womp and stomp. “Soul Breaker” is a serious DJ weapon of mass destruction to shatter the dance floor.

ESKR brings substantial heat to ‘The 2021 Annual’ with two ultra tight tracks. “You Don’t Know” is a soulful, powerful ballad with upbeat rhythms spilling over deep basslines. Funky and fun this colorful composition will get the floor jumping!

A fresh, new track titled “Alright” is exclusive to this release combining a groovy rhythm with bubbly melodies and endless bounce. This one hits extra hard with thick, clean sounds. “Alright” is tons of fun to mix and brings big dance floor energy while maintaining the devious, underground vibe.

Heist’s “Celestial” adds berserk, in your face energy to the mix with this jumpy number full of broken beats and forceful bass. The Noize Komplaint Remix twists the track into a darker vibe with a more industrialized, fluid feel to warp “Celestial” into a mechanical, monstrous machine.
Check out this review from earlier in the year for a full run down.

An intergalactic masterpiece from the Hyperbots contributes “Speedlight” to ‘The 2021 Annual’ on Boomslang Recordings. Colossal sounds intertwine influences across dance music blasting the rave into new dimensions with a dubby, thick, booming vibe melded into merciless melodies and the most electrifying basslines. A powerhouse track for a peak set – you’ll want “Speedlight”  in your collection if you haven’t grabbed it yet!

Jaybee’s “Sci NON Fi” dabbles on the darker side with this deep composition that rolls through the mix and engulfs the floor in the most savage, subsonic sounds. Clean, choppy kicks and technically composed beats create a dynamic mix. A perfect track to flip the vibe any way you choose the options are unlimited as “Sci NON Fi” will carry the groove. Get more on “Sci NON Fi” and the B side in the in depth review.

A double dose of danger from NC-17 injects ”Cemetery Of Splendour” and “Clockers” ft. Jinx into the release with intense energy. “Cemetery Of Splendour’s” sharp, choppy basslines paired with vivid, steppy drums brings an evil atmospheric entity to the mix while “Clockers” holds a darker vibe amidst monster basslines and insane sound design with vicious vibrations in the dark, devious jungle. No surprise the Best Drum and Bass crew covered this release, too! Check out that full review here.

One of the most energetic compositions of 2021 comes from Noize Komplaint with “Everybody Jump”. Hysteric highs pin the energy to the peak straight from the start while dramatic basslines growl low to cover the full spectrum of sound. No doubt about it the title fits the track as “Everybody Jump” will get the room on the move in no time! Get more on this release from Noize Komplaint here!

MC Astro takes center stage in Noize Komplaint’s “Future Ready” as vigorous verses flow flawlessly over beastly basslines that keep the composition rolling along. A stellar combination the balance is brilliant in the mix and will amp the crowd with the renegade style.

Saxxon’s snappy style shines as “Ping Pong” and “Visions” both find a place on ‘The 2021 Annual’ from Boomslang Recordings. “Ping Pong’s” bubbly, complex patterns and continuous energy keep the mix moving while “Visions” engulfs the dance with mind bending vibrations, both top tier tracks to add some style to your sets.

Seductive vocals paired with dark, dramatic beats and melancholy melodies bring an emotive piece from SST on “Holy Truth” to ‘The 2021 Annual’. Structure, patterns and percussion are all on point as this compelling composition heightens the tension in the mix while the vocal flows through the phrases caressing the carnage with ease. SST has been making moves and will be one to keep and eye on in 2022.

Todd Buchler & Pish Posh twist a heavy jungle tinge into the LP with “Silence & Violence” riddled with lively amens and contorting basslines that growl aggressively. Violent and punchy this one will whip the dance floor every which way with a revolutionary style that shines in Boomslang tunes.

Transforma & Binary create a sinister symphony in “You Know” as angry beats and animated instrumentals volley amidst a frenzy of high end sounds. Creatively colorful patterning bends the mix every which way as “You Know” smashes with a suggestive balance of softness. Check out the full run down of this release as well.

“Ectoplasm” from Vmbrella is relentlessly brutal, engulfing the mix with overpowering consumption of sound in all the best ways and the most insane bass design, so dark it’s scary! This one will definitely test the bins and devour the dancefloor in the most merciless fashion. Part of the Slither EP Vol. 2 packed with so many killer tunes!

Xsonsence “Origins” wraps up the review of ‘The 2021 Annual’ from Boomslang Recordings, a bouncy number with an upbeat groove. Ultra clean and effective in the mix “Origins” is one not to miss!

Boomslang Recordings is taking no prisoners as they carve their place in drum and bass delivering consistent, quality releases with compelling and innovative sounds. A unique label with an intensely inherent vision of keeping the style in the underground Boomslang Recordings has the tracks you’ve been searching for. For a fresh label they are making monumental moves and we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass for all the latest on Boomslang Recordings and more!

Get your copy of ‘The 2021 Annual’ from Boomslang Recordings available worldwide Friday December 17! Pre-Order on Beatport now! 

In addition to covering this amazing release I had the honor of cooking up the Boomslang Recordings 2021 Annual Mix so give it a play and get a taste of these stellar tracks and more from Boomslang Recordings 2021 catalogue!




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