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It’s the end of the year and 2021 annuals are popping up everywhere. One not to be missed comes from Korsakov Music with ‘The Best of 2021’. This ultra tight roster of genre bending artists is consistently pulling influences from the entire musical spectrum pouring it into the most banging drum and bass to fill our crates and get the dance floor on the move! Let’s break down the year from Korsakov Music and see what made their ‘best of’ list!

Korsakov always supplies the BIGGEST BANGERS:

How about some bass blasting basslines and in your face, floor stomping vibes? Look no further than Smooth ft. DC Breaks & Coppa “Chainsaw” or High Maintenance & AL/SO’s “Here We Go Again” (Mean Teeth Remix) for the ultimate energy!

Cranking it up to another level entirely are a few cuts from AL/SO’s ‘Toaster Bath EP’ including title track “Toaster Bath” as well as “Cantankerous”, two electrifying cuts with enough power to disintrigate the dancefloor as they pound through the mix.

Title track from Transforma’s EP “The Boneyards” made the cut with it’s wicked and wobbly basslines as well as Kodin x Billian “Selcouth” with it’s dark and evil dance floor destroying design.

Here’s a few tracks from ‘The Best of 2021’ that are ULTRA FUNKY AND FUN:

Smooth ft. DC Breaks “Out There”  takes us on a wild ride through the heart of neurofunk.

High Maintenance & AL/SO “Party Every Day” (Joe Ford Remix) amplifies the energy of the party in only a way Joe Ford tracks can do.

The Sovryn Remix of High Maintenance & AL/SO’s “Hypersonic” twists the original into a manic display of bubbling basslines and a satisfying bouncy groove. Sovryn’s style continues to evolve and this remix is one of the best of 2021! “Torment” with AL/SO hit ‘The Best of 2021’ for Korsakov as well, another deviously groovy tune that will twist the dance into a full on bounce. Sovryn is absolutely one to watch moving into 2022!

Pulled from ‘Korsakov Future Stars Vol. 2’ is Tengu’s “Summoning”; a hard hitting track overflowing with dance floor vibes but still enough neuro between the angry highs and beaming basslines to hold it down in a mix.


“Capacitor VIP“ from Smooth came as quite a treat morphing the original composition into an all out assault of the hardest hitting half-time drum and bass around. Also impressive are selections from Jade & MNDSCP including “Dangerous VIP” and Droptek’s “Crikey”, all top tier tracks for when you’re in that kind of mood.

We can’t get enough of these SENSATIONAL VOCAL ANTHEMS:

You can’t go wrong when you get MC Coppa on a track and with the ‘Leap of Faith EP’ we were showered with some absolutely mind bending tracks including “Magma” with MNDSCP.   Jess was featured on “Too Far” spinning a seductive tale while “Leap of Faith” ft. Tom Sutcliffe (The Outsiders DnB Remix) was yet another instant hit.

Kodin & Tasha Baxter came together to conjure up something sinisterly sweet with “Snake Lies”,  and a few of the remixes of Droptek’s “Illusions” took ranks in the top of Korsakov 2021 with contributions from Polygon and High Maintenance on the edits.

Once again let’s talk about how Sovryn absolutely killed 2021 for Korsakov Music this year and the track “Weekend” ft. RightMind is no exception to that rule! Fun lyrics to get the crowd in the mood and the nastiest bassline will get them to MOVE! A softer touch features Ruth Royall on “Somebody New” and “Static Vision” has more of an alt. rock groove proving that Sovryn can adapt to any sub genre of drum and bass and conquer it with ease.

Sovryn & AL/SO ft. Marianna Ray & Tom Vernon “Fly” still gets my vote for the top vocal track of 2021. The gripping vocals paired with next level production are impossible to beat!

Riviting reece steals the show on Something Something’s “Someone” one of the later releases of this year but still not to be discredited as it has more than earned a place on ‘The Best of 2021’ from Korsakov Music. The beats, the bass, the beautifully balanced vocal… one thing is for sure someone better bring us more from Something Something next year!! 😉

If you’re in the mood for some SUPER TECHNICAL COMPOSITIONS look no further:

Phibes really turned up the heat with this insanely bouncy composition “Like Whoa” that smashes and dashes all over the dance floor with it’s deep design and bubbly vibes. PRFCT Mandem will “Follow” in suit as you know their style is always endless layers of euphoric sounds and Levela’s remix of “Deviod” from Droptek will snap and crack through the mix as those beats never quit!

“Grind” from Kaizen Flow , also taken from ‘Future Stars Vol. 2’ relentlessly hits and doesn’t quit. The insanity in the composition of the drum patterns is unreal and Kaizen Flow has our ears all the way open waiting for more!

Korsakov is always experimenting with something FROM THE WILD SIDE!

PRFCT Mandem is consistently pushing the limits on production and “Don’t Stop” is another fine example on how there are no rules when it comes to drum and bass! PRFCT Mandem is doing their own thing and we love it! Check out Droptek “Invoke” (Clockvice Remix) for something else completely out of this world!

A few more from High Maintenance & AL/SO’s ‘Hypersonic Remixed‘ release grace ‘The Best of 2021’ as the remixers twist these tracks with style including “Party Every Day” (Droptek Remix), “Hypersonic” (PRFCT Mandem Remix) and the balls to the wall what in the world is THIS “Here We Go Again” (Toronto Is Broken Remix)!!

AL/SO ft. Tom Vernon & Gid Sedgwick “Brace Yourself” transforms drum and bass into a heavy metal hybrid pulling out all the stops and bending the genre into something entirely new! This one is not for the feint of heart and will most likely stir up a mosh pit during your set.

In similar fashion Sovryn & AL/SO’s “Insanity” ft. Tom Vernon & Gid Sedgwick is designed to tear up the dance floor with the most savage style. When these artists get together you know they mean serious business and the world of drum and bass will never be the same!

Grab your copy of Korsakov Music’s ‘The Best of 2021’ out now on all platforms!

What a year from Korsakov Music! Big up to all of the artists and Korsakov Music for supplying these magical tracks to keep our playlists bumping. This label continues to grow stronger as they climb steadily through the scene. Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass as we’ll keep you up to date all the latest on Korsakov Music and more as we move into the New Year!

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