Various Artists ‘The Best of 2022’ [Dirtbox Recordings]

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

If you’re on the hunt for a killer compilation of epic proportions look no further than ‘The Best of 2022’ from Dirtbox Recordings. A full stack of tracks from various artists released on Dirtbox last year plus a few fresh bangers from Gigan and Scout 22 and a continuous mix from Varkid mean you’ll get all the best from the label on this must have release. They’ve collected a nice variety of drum and bass for every mood including tracks from ESKR, Lee UHF, Sigmus, Slaine, Traced with Lifesize MC, Dropset, Varkid and Impex bringing full flavor with snappy neurofunk, dirty, techy rollers, vocal ballads and so much more. Let’s see what hit the best of Dirtbox Recordings 2022 now!

ESKR brings original style with a exuberant flare in “Mechanisms” and “Time at This Point”, further developing his sound with booming basslines and solid design as he continues to rise. Lee UHF supplies a powerful punch to the mix with “Ellie” a beautifully clever balance of soft vocals and technical style with a smooth groove. Sigums covers the dark side with a deep, dirty crunch between “Power” and “Primal” you’ll make the bins thump! Slaine hit the sweet spot on Dirtbox with the ‘Tremors LP’ (full feature here) landing 3 tracks on ‘The Best of 2022’ including “Tremors”, “Mirror” and “Polymath” a flip back in time to the tech step territory boasting modern technique that rolls thick in the mix. Traced and Lifesize MC offer two dance floor ballads that are bursting with energy and fierce funk between “Forever Lasting” and “Eye of the Storm” they’re emitting emotional narratives that really pack a punch! Check the full writeup on that one here!

Carrying on through the album Dropset had a massive release on Dirtbox Recordings last year with “Dark Tower” and “Imminent Attack” (read more in detail here) both finding a place on ‘The Best of 2022’ and rightfully so as Dropset continues to dominate drum and bass these two tracks will slay the floor and amp sets up with hefty sounds and that devious Dropset drive. “Bring the Fire” and “Burn” from Varkid both make the list with big sounds and amens abound plus a moody ballad with a dangerous drop and electrifying force; there’s some serious artistry in sound design pouring through the entirety of this release! Impex turned a lot of heads with “Downbeat” and “Incoming” bringing his fresh, funky flare and genre bending attitude to ‘The Best of 2022’ these tracks are feisty and fun and offer a lot of energy to the dance floor as they pop through the mix.

Something fresh hits Dirtbox Recordings ‘The Best of 2022’ from Scout 22 with “The Heavy” a bass dripping punchy force that melds classic sounds with a modern mood. Gigan brings the fire with “Heatwave” offering a serious blast of bin bursting basslines and wicked beat design in an animated composition that flips and snaps bringing fresh flavor to the colossal compilation from Dirtbox Recordings.

Keep a close eye on Dirtbox Recordings they are quickly becoming a staple in the scene offering quality and consistency in releases covering the full spectrum of drum and bass with style and class! Grab ‘The Best of 2022’ out now on all major platforms. CLICK HERE TO BUY.


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