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This week Gutting Audio is blasting in with a bustling compilation of drum and bass that is extra tough to shake up the place! Four bin bursting, bass face inducing tunes from Hackwaves, David Synth, Moderate Hate and CiDiaH are sure to bring out the beast in your playlists. If you’re after high energy and a super sized dose of aggression don’t miss ‘The Winery’. Let’s jump in!


A swarming cinematic atmosphere sets the tone, the sounds billowing with literal destruction waiting at the drop. “Destroy” detonates in a malevolent barrage of funk firing instinctively amidst deep, wobbling basslines snapping in report as the energy spirals continuing the pummeling through various frequencies. The tension tightens through the break bringing it back to “Destroy” with a more brutally belligerent second drop. “Destroy” from Hackwaves keeps the mix moving with its robotic motion non-stop!


The lows roll in contrasted by timid high end melodies teasing the build, the energy throbbing as it dips into the drop. “Dystopian Generation” ignites with a jumpy rhythm that hops through the mix with colorful breaks bringing new motion into the next phrase. David Synth’s “Dystopian Generation” is a dance floor destroyer that keeps the crowd guessing as it flips and switches, highly animated, creating a move inducing groove.


A narrative guides the build, the mood boiling in the background as a symphony of sound commands control, condensing all around, bringing the beats to life. “Valhalla” is primed to plunge into the Promised Land, consumed by darkness as the low rolling techy beats control the composition. “Valhalla” charges through the measures the bass cascading through with a pungent and punchy valor building upon that broody tenor. Be sure to grab “Valhalla” from Moderate Hate to slice an inkling of adventure into your sets.


The intro swirls in with a menacing grin as a powerful, thrashing vibe surges to life. “Distortion In The Veins” gets right to work slamming into the mix with breakneck drum and bass exploding all over the place. Aggressive guitar riffs jam wildly amidst beats flying at gatling speed with the bass thumping beneath in this hybrid monster that is a truly unique tune. CiDiaH is seizing that industrial rock intensity and absolutely smashing it to bits. Highly sought, rarely around “Distortion In The Veins” is heavy metal infused DNB!

Grab ‘The Winery VA’ on Gutting Audio today! CLICK HERE


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