Various Artists ‘Utopia Vol. 1’ [Vahana Records]

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Vahana Records is here to wrap up the year with a crazy compilation of 100% neurofunk, a first for this label as they continue to thrive and thicken their catalogue pulling the heavy hitting DNB into this release. Let’s take a look at what’s inside ‘Utopia Vol. 1’ as Vahana Records unleashes this neuro beast into the scene.


“Black Mirror” winds up with a malicious melody skipping and whipping toward the drop as the rhythm enters the groove. A quick vocal sample sends us into the beef of the tune, a bouncy beat riding steady in tandem with the bassline to keep the floor in a fluid rhythm. A tinge of darkness engulfs “Black Mirror” to accentuate the neurofunk flare and the second drop steps it up even more as Bobby conjures up constant movement on the dance floor.


A funky jingle builds upon spine tingling vocalizations synthetically combining as the rhythm starts to pop. Long bursts of electrifying bass enter the mix as the drop approaches ready to tumble in. “Neon” brings deep basslines to the surface surging and flipping with machine gun beats blasting back, the tinge of vocal whisping in to wrap it all together shining in the mix. Dead King’s “Neon” can’t be missed!


The atmosphere hangs thick climbing cautiously as the beat sends a shockwave through the mix probing for the drop. A break in the build pulls in a mysteriously moody vocal blend before “A Flame In Your Heart” reignites exploding into the thickness of the track. A crunchy composition takes control ricocheting between a supersonic bassline and a barrage of beats flexing as they melt into the mix. MV’s signature style surges through this track with his energetic, breakneck sound that can’t be matched!


An animated intro bubbles in sparking life into “SuperNova” as the rhythm waits in the darkness, stalking the build, ready to pounce. A tranquil melody takes control the composition seething beneath as the build continues to grow anxiously adventuring into the drop. An all out dose of funk smacks you right in the face with high energy rhythms raging engaging the bass as it boosts the groove with colorful sampling slinking through. “SuperNova” carries on winding sleekly into the breakdown as it recharges for another furious round of neurofunk flipping and changing the composition to add extra oomph to the mix.


Echoes through the intro pull an evil amen beat into the mix firing off with furious flare as the vibe flips entirely into an ultra funky groove. The drop awaits exhibiting an unexpected style with dark, stabbing basslines and dirty beats, the funky aura fighting to filter through. A monster mash up of styles and grooves “Funk Faker” has a one of a kind mood!


A cinematic theme controls the build climbing on soft melodies cascading into a convoy of beats, blistering into blast off as “Launch Control” flies into the drop. An angry composition waits with thick basslines stomping between punchy beats, severely broken, stepping weightlessly through the mix. The effects and fills plump “Launch Control” up even more breaking down swiftly with inherit intent as the second drop brings a ferocious force to consume the floor.

Vahana Records has done a top notch job bringing the first 100% neurofunk release to the label with extremely talented artists supplying these six tracks that mean serious business in the mix. Grab your copy of ‘Utopia Vol. 1’ out today! CLICK HERE

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