The Vast Parlor with BMA on 4.27.16

by | May 8, 2016 | Mixes

A special edition of The Vast Parlor with a special guest mix from the legendary DIGITAL to celebrate the 4th and final part of his Synthesis LP. While we were asked to not post his set online, we do have the first hour of the show brought you by BMA. This one is crammed full of new, and unreleased material for your listening pleasure.

Hour One with BMA:
BMA – Bookhouse Boys
Makoto – YGMYC
Melinki & Anode – Long way from Home
Zero T ft Steo – Walk Away (Basic Forces Remix)
Ill Skill – ????
Glitch – Values
Fireteam – Keep It Going
Bladerunner – Release The Kraken
Todd Buchler – Artillary
Melinki – It’s a shame
Todd Buchler – Onyx
BMA – Longer Days
Bladerunner – Pulsar
Temulent – Follower
BMA – While I Spill
Todd Buchler Riff Raff

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