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The French badman known as Veak has been busy! It hasn’t been a full year since his last LP, Ayahuasca, released on Original Key Records, and he’s back with his second full length offering from the label titled, Midnight City.
While not as stacked as the previous 17 tracked LP, Midnight City still comes strength to strength in all of it’s 11 track glory. Kicking off the album is the tribal, “Alright” with it’s Metalheadz-esque synth and brisk sounding break, it oozes a murky vibe. The pressure turns way up when
“Kill Sound Fi Sure” comes on. Hectic amens and sirens accompany the looped “kill sound fi sure” vocal. This one is a heater. Killer sound for sure indeed! Next up is “Make Some Fukn Noise.” It features more of Veak’s signature sampling, and the hook is one very acidic reese that peaks in and out amid bongos and a jungle break. The title track, “Midnight City” also features bongos, but uses samples and pads to create a more urban vibe. Every track is unapologetically jungle, but Veak keeps it interesting with each tune being a bit different in tone from the last. “Murdering Sound” and “Murdah” are similar in name, but the former favors amens and a classic Aphrodite styled jump-up bassline, while the latter employs more of a hardstep break and sweeping reese synths. Up next is the dubwise “Organic.” The amens and pure ragga sound here are quite soothing. The next pair of tunes are for the steppers. The militant “Panic Station” once again changes things up with it’s tough drums and skanking high hats while “Recharge” doles out damaging snares and foghorn stabs. “Space Lazer” is a cosmic jungle jam with it’s atmospheric intro and crisp drums. Wrapping up the LP is “Undercover” and it’s a bonafide peak hour amen floor smasher.
Fans of Veak’s previous output will be right at home with “Midnight City”. The album holds tight to it’s signature sound, but offers enough variety to keep junglists engaged. Standouts like “Kill Sound Fi Sure,” “Panic Station,” “Recharge,” and “Undercover” are sure to ignite any dancefloor.

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