Veak – Watch This EP [Liondub Street Series]



This release demands the respect of both new and experienced fans of Jungle and DNB.

Volume 45 of Liondub’s infamous Street Series features 5 outstanding tracks from Reims, France based producer Veak. This EP showcases Veak’s coveted ability to produce classic breaks based Jungle tracks as well as upfront modern Rolling Drum & Bass with a vintage sound and authentic UK feel. Being able to alternate effortlessly between classic London & Bristol based styles is Veak’s strength and why he is in high demand by labels like Serial Killaz, Mix & Blen’, Original Key, Deep In The Jungle and now, Liondub International.

This EP is a fresh and authentic take on the Jungle/Drum and Bass genre. It has a mix of brisk rollers and classic Jungle tracks. The production style comes off natural, crisp and focused with an overall sound that feels true to the roots of this music. Liondub is procuring top-flight talent and bringing us yet another quality release that is just oozing with that UK Jungle, and Jamaican Reggae Dancehall flavor we know and love.

Burning” is an extremely catchy track with a bouncing lead and a banging 808. The tasteful use of delay creates a trippy, psychedelic feeling and the hook is just plain fun. It’s a straightforward and booming upstart of a song that sets off the EP with confidence. The title track “Watch This” and “Illusion” have these face-melting distorted basslines that will definitely scrunch your face up!

These are fast-moving rollers pushing lots of weight with floating soundscapes.

Watch This” has a dreamy feel with a bit of urban darkness, while “Illusion” has this euphoric arpeggio that tees up your emotions to be smacked out of the park by the drop.

I love the Jungle tracks on this release. They should really bring a smile to even your most uptight Jungle friends letting them know this genre is alive and well. “Murdarah” and “Don’t Worry Bredda” have an old-school, vintage feel that takes you back. They both have the quintessential Jungle sound dripping with authenticity and the spirit of the ragga sound. Veak executes some catchy phrasing between the vocals and reggae horns. These songs will no doubt rock a jungle party with driving 808 basslines that progress throughout the song. The vocal sample in “Don’t Worry Bredda” is telling you, ‘don’t worry, the listener is in good hands.’ These tunes are a delight to listen to as they remind me of my favorite Jungle tunes of yesterday.

Natural musicality at its finest.

This release demands the respect of both new and experienced fans of Jungle and DNB. Veak is delivering a proper sound and holding it down for the originators of this music. It holds true to the early beginnings while putting it on a modern platform. Veak has adapted the style of yesterday and tastefully injected his own signature flow that is to be enjoyed and admired. There is a ton of replay value here as the songs are well-crafted and suitable for almost any occasion. We can only look forward to hear more from Veak and Liondub International as they both remain future facing, yet simultaneously grounded in the roots and culture of the music.

Liondub Street Series Vol. 45 is available exclusively at Juno Download now.

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