Vecster – ‘No Jokes EP’ [Free Download]


If heavy neuro banging drum and bass is your thing this free download from Vecster is a must have for your music collection. Four tracks packed full of sic beats, explosive energy and massive basslines the ‘No Jokes’ release from the up and coming Russian producer Vecster is about to turn some heads.

The EP kicks off in a BIG way with the title track “No Jokes” and this tune means serious business. Bursting with bounce from the get go, thick atmospheric synths build a lively vibe that just makes you want to MOVE. The snares cut in fierce and heavy paving the way for the insanity to come as they push viciously toward the drop. Upbeat and energetic this one will get the floor bouncing and is smooth as silk in a mix with clean snares and filthy bouncing basslines pairing in precision to beat them into oblivion. “No Jokes” is a clear statement Vecster is not playing; this is some seriously superb drum and bass!

“Everybody Jump” enters fierce and ferocious ready to set the dance into hyper speed; this tune is pure chaos. Building the intensity toward the drop the beat drives over a playful melody as the vocal selections stomp in prime to hype the crowd to get the **** up!! Thick mechanical basslines dominate while the snares smash the beat to bits with brute force. It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s heavy, it’s everything you’d want in a neurofunk track and more. Vecster is set to make them move with “Everybody Jump”.

Reminiscent of an old-time western duel the intro for “Rude Boy” is interestingly melodic. The tension builds until it’s time to turn and fire a shot and “Rude Boy” goes off like a nuclear bomb. Punchy drums pound over a dark, beefy bassline primed to explode in the mix and engulf the floor with filthy darkness. Rough and tough with a cheeky vocal bit to boot this tune is overflowing with attitude.

The final track from the ‘No Jokes’ EP “Watch Ya Step” featuring Simple ND is yet another absolute dance floor smasher. Easing in with a light and eerie intro the mood quickly turns utterly savage. I’ll admit a bit of the vocal is lost in translation but this tune still bangs. One thing is perfectly clear and that’s ‘watch ya step’ and it’s a true warning of the brutality that lies beneath the lyrical message in this tune. Clean, upbeat drum patterns paired with a solid neuro bassline and creative samples accent this track to beat the dance floor about in proper fashion.

All in all “No Jokes” EP is composed of 4 solidly produced neurofunk tracks that are set to light dance floors on fire and beef up your sets in a big way. Grab the free download and keep an eye on Vecster coming up in drum and bass.

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