Vektah – “Culture Shift EP” [Soulvent Records]


The name Vektah may not mean anything to you now but we promise this is one to watch. Hailing from Bournemouth, UK and having been in the scene for over a decade, he made a fresh start earlier this year with his debut self-released single and now he follows up with his first EP on Soulvent Records. Showing us what it means to be a versatile drum and bass producer in 2021 and drawing on a wide range of musical influences, “Culture Shift EP” sees the label bare its teeth a bit more than typical for a camp rooted primarily in soulful liquid and deep grooves.

Opening track “Escape” starts off how you might expect: some ambiance, easy vocal samples and airy pads that lead to an unsuspecting buildup. Hold on tight though, as we’re quickly launched into a head-nodding groove with what seems like a little bit of everything that’s hot right now. I mean, this place has everything: shuffling percussion, resonated fog horn, choppy wobbles, layers of elegant keys, and just an overall healthy dose of funk.

On “Solar Flares” we see Vektah reaching back for the brighter side with an intro that will immediately have you thinking of the late, great Marcus Intalex . Well-coordinated brass stabs give way to a more epic fanfare as we approach the drop while sweeping synths set the mood for what’s to come. If they would have had drum and bass music back in the Middle Ages, I imagine this tune is about what it would have sounded like: deep, inquisitive, and ever-evolving.

Next up we have a feature from Kings of the… no wait, this is still Vektah, and this is on Soulvent? You read that right folks, we get yet another surprise with the track “Tension” that dives right into prime time rave territory with an acid synth-heavy intro that propels us straight into a hard stepping wobble. With its thumping drums, funky 303-style arpeggios and saturated fuzz bassline, it’s just begging to be blasted on all the big sound systems.

Wrapping up this EP we get a collaboration between Vektah and SKG for the epic track “Humdrum”. Evoking a chillout vibe from the onset with layered lush pads followed by a crisp halftime drum break, the intro quickly advances to the bass drop where the halftime continues with a driving force. Just when we think the track is about to break down, it shifts up another gear into a proper 2 step rhythm that carries us further along on our grand adventure. The outro sees yet another variation on the drum pattern, a welcome reminder that second drops still have a place in drum and bass music.

It’s safe to say that the “Culture Shift EP” is one of those which has a track for every type of set and any drum and bass playlist. We can’t wait to see what other labels Vektah’s future releases end up on, as he’s proven with this four track outing that he has what it takes to roll with the best in the business.


Watch/listen on YouTube/Soundcloud:

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