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The Black Box 3yr Anniversary!!


So this weekend was one of Denver’s newer but already iconic Bass Music venues  3 year anniversary.

Nicole Cacciavilliano’s Black Box is not only Denver’s premier underground music venue but it is also home base for Sub.Mission.  This place has that something special; from the staff, the location, layout, and the MASSIVE Basscouch IQ Sound System in the Black Box (the big room) as well as the sound in the Lounge!  That’s right 2 rooms both with amazing sound built specifically for Bass Music.

Nicole’s vision started many years ago.  She was one of the first to book UK Dubstep artists in the US all those years ago.  She is very dedicated to the scene and slowly planned out her bass empire. She built Sub.Mission over so many years into a powerhouse that goes and plays in the UK and euro festivals…not just play but SELL OUT PARTIES over in Europe! When the time was right and the proper spot was found, she built the Black Box. From the Black Box came the Black Box Studio! That’s right, you can rent it to produce your own tracks or take a classes!

Not only do they have great sound and great shows like Black Sun Empire, Friction, Legion, Chimpo, Bad Syntax, Break, Plant of the Drums, DJ Icey, Stanton Warriors, Mob Tactics and the list keeps going for 3yrs worth…they have loads of art everywhere! They have live artists painting at the shows sometimes!  I’d like to see a live body paint with neon\black light paint…that would be cool.

Even though the venue is two rooms it is still a very intimate venue to watch a show.  The Black Box (the big room) can hold about 300 and the Lounge is about another 200. You got cheap strong drinks, pool table, back deck area to smoke and hang out with the super chill people that patron this venue.

Over all the Black Box has cemented itself into the Denver scene.  It’s no longer “if you haven’t played Denver you’re not there yet” it’s now “if you haven’t played The Black Box in Denver you’re not there yet”.

Big ups to the Black Box and Nicole for what they have built and the notoriety earned over the past 3 years!  I can’t wait to see what shows pop up in the future. If you are ever in Denver, go to a show at The Black Box and experience The Basscouch IQ Sound System…it’s a BEAST!


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