Virus Syndicate – Gimme The Mic (June Miller Remix)

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Tunes

Fresh for the season Virus Syndicate bad boys are remixed by one of the heaviest hitting names in Drum And Bass right now. If you are unfamiliar with Virus Syndicate they are one of the UK’s Hardest Hip Hop Acts that side of the pond. They combination of gritty realism into their lyrics matched with dark and twisted sound design by the duo June Miller make this tune a formidable opponent on any dance floor or party.

The tune starts off with heavy and commanding horns thats lead into a brain splitting half time beat with crushing reese bass and ten ton weight lyrics by Virus Syndicate. The tune tears apart the sound scape with incredible energy and flow. June Millers versatility allows them to get their fingers into all types of styles combining the best of both worlds of heavy halftime beats and unmistakable lyrics and pressure across the board.

This ones going in my crate this season for sure. Gimme the Mic is out now on Midication. Give it a listen for yourself!

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