Vital – Criminal Minds EP Vol. 3 [Liondub International]


This sound is absolutely Vital.

Liondub unleashes the 3rd EP in the Criminal Minds series featuring 4 aggressive cuts from Dorset, UK based producer, Vital. Having dropped a chart topping full length LP on Low Down Deep and a string of powerful releases across the genres top labels, Vital is moving from strength to strength by returning to the Liondub International label. The 3rd Criminal Minds EP is all about dark, hard-hitting and sub heavy jump up driven rollers produced to the highest standard. This is murderous material from one of the best Drum & Bass producers in the game.

Vital has is sound in the bag with these 4 tracks sporting a mean vibe and fresh production. Each track is certified dancefloor material that you should play out immediately. The opening track, ‘Kill Them with Positive Vibes’ is nothing but fresh and upbeat on his signature horn-like bass flex.  ‘Good to Me’ is a dark, snappy bop. This track is nice and slowed down compared to the others. While the drums take things down a notch in terms of urgency, they make up for it in danceability and groove. ‘Compulsion to Kill’ is a lovely screechy jump up. This one slams and smashes along with all the brutality of a mosh pit. Tasteful distortion in the high end to give it that rawness. The final track, ‘Unorthadox’ is on a quick moving vibe like ‘Positive Vibes’, but with even more progression in the drums.

This is a worthy release from Vital. These tracks are laced with ominous intros and even some familiar samples that we all know and love. From the single dancehall airhorn to the kung fu dialogue, this is a fun adhesion to the classic drum and bass template while importing the quality sound production of today’s technology. Liondub International keeps pumping out quality tracks allowing fresh talent to shine while holding true to the foundation of Drum and Bass.

Vital – Criminal Minds EP Vol. 3 on Liondub International is available now from all major music outlets and streaming platforms.

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