Volatile Cycle & Barbarix – Rundled (MethLab Recordings)

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Tunes

Its been an exciting year for the team over at Methlab Recordings, having by far one of the biggest release calendars of any label for that matter winning the Drum and Bass Arena Awards “Best newcomer label “. Its easy to see why when the caliber of music they have been pushing has been reaching into the realms of the unknown and marvelous adventures in sound design and stories that have not yet unfolded into the near future. Methlabs latest offering to the artificial intelligence ┬ámachine overlords comes in the form of MONOLETH. An EP designed to transform target perceptions through advanced algorithms in sound. Stepping up to plate is Volatile Cycle and Barbarix who have equally been crushing everything in their path as of lately. /// Halftime Sequence. Engage.

“Rundled” starts off inside the mainframe of advanced networks quickly spreading throughout every system inside, with creeping and chiming sounds coming into the light as feint percussion can be heard in the distance. As the drums grow louder and louder a vocal sample is spoken as silence is torn apart with the sound of metallic panging snares that shatter walls miles in radius. Winding and heavily morphing reese bass is thrown into energy sculpting machines of manipulation as the tune takes you on a head bobbing fusion of styles an elements destroying the dancefloor into pieces.

Now that the city has successfully been torn into bits of scrap metal and concrete fused among one another MONOLETH has succeeded in its plan. All resistance is futile. //// OUT NOW.


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