Volatile Cycle, Dropset & Konquest ‘Drowning’ [Bad Taste Recordings]

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

Coming in hot from the ‘Bad Taste Volume 6’ collection is the smashing single “Drowning” combining the talents of three incredible artists on this one colossal tune. Let’s see what new avenues Volatile Cycle, Dropset and Konquest are exploring to pump up the mood!


An unsettling build engulfs the atmosphere with an evil essence brooding in the shadows. Dark synths animate the crawl to the drop as the bass bellows, cutting space for an edgy alt. rock flavored verse from Konquest himself the highs circiling menacingly, the climax festering and ready to pop. In the blink of an eye we’re in the bulk of the tune, the hooks echo hauntingly pouring emotion through relentless rhythms resonating in the angst of the mood as colossal breaks bend the energy with every blistering beat. The bassline is an entity all its own brutally bouncing and bashing the bins as it carves a carnivorous path through the track. The vocals viciously spiral on as “Drowning” flips with an insane pinch of 4×4 sprinkled in flavoring the break as it bursts into the new groove winding as a wicked furious force to the second drop for another all out neuro stomp!

A sensational single among 14 tracks on ‘Bad Taste Vol. 6’, “Drowning” stands out from the rest with a fresh, fun, futuristic twist merging alternative elements into the hot and heavy neurofunk drum and bass we have come to expect from these three killer artists. Flawless craftsmanship on this composition “Drowning” is aggressively animated, pouring with emotion through the lyrics and the beats. You can really feel the individual styles of Volatile Cycle, Dropset and Konquest merging in this monster track with the crafty combo of tastes and styles melding into a dance floor melter to engulf the floor in energy and emotion until they, too, are “Drowning” in the heat.

Grab your copy of “Drowning” out now on ‘Bad Taste Vol. 6’ from Volatile Cycle, Dropset and Konquest on Bad Taste Recordings. CLICK HERE



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