Volatile Cycle & The Clamps featuring Solar – Xtreme [Close 2 Death]

by | Aug 26, 2018 | Tunes

In July, Volatile Cycle along with The Clamps featuring Solar dropped an incredibly heady track down in July called “Xtreme,” later releasing it as a single on August 13th, 2018. With the multiple dark influences and “darkstep” moniker in use, “Xtreme” utilizes complicated yet easy-to-follow percussion along with small melodic breaks of rising chords interspersed between the harsh synths and break-downs.

The brooding build-up quickly leads to horror-inspired vocals and sounds reminiscent to a spin to the composition of Silent Hill 2 on five tabs of acid. Instead of focusing on possible slower, more pronounced beats, the crew behind “Xtreme” are all about the fast and frantic. The operatic vocal samples scattered about give the listener an impression of classy-yet-filthy, in an environment which stresses the thrilling more than the horrific.

Although the track has spurts of melody, the powerful percussion of “Xtreme” carry the track with ease and highlight the defintion of Darkstep. You might not find this on your typical mainstream playlist, but “Xtreme” is the perfect dip into the dark and dastardly.

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