Waeys – Acidic Love [Delta9 Recordings]

by | May 13, 2020 | Tunes

We live in a time where there is no shortage of great music coming out at a rapid-fire pace. This is true for every genre, but drum and bass has its own rhythm when it comes to releases. As it has spread across the globe, we not only get more releases but also a wide influx of new styles and sounds as well. The fresh Dutch talent Waeys has given us a brand new bent on the DnB sound that is all his own. The Acidic Love Ep comes to us via Delta 9 Recordings – a label based out of Italy that has been storming the world with an overflowing amount of amazing new talent.

First up is “Vesta,” starting us off with a steady metronome click and a wall of atmospherics as the solid driving beat arrives and builds into the drop. The bass that drops is a surprising one; layering perfectly with the rolling drums yet filling out the track with its blasts of fuzz and rollicking vibe that would cause any dancefloor to explode. Throughout the track he switches things up just right, using elements such as vocal samples and a frenzied hat section that showcases the addictive hold DnB has on its listeners.

The title track “Acidic Love” comes at us next, and it’s no surprise why this one is the centerpiece of the release. Fusing light and dark elements, Waeys crafts a blistering tune – The blissed out FX and vocals are a perfect counterpoint to the wobbling bass line and banging rhythm. There is an endless sense of depth achieved through his production on this track epitomizes the balance between the body and the soul that drum and bass often strives for.

Starting off with noisy blasts comes his remix of Krispy’s “Deadlines.” This is a no holds barred knuckler, one that assaults your ears with all the intense sounds it can find. With this remix, Waeys proves how lethal minimalism can be in music. Foghorns, rumbling bass lines, sci-fi type piercing FX, and an overall menacing vibe all collide to make this track a definite dancefloor smasher.

Waeys reveals his laser sharp focus with these tightly knit tunes on this release. Available through the usual outlets, this is not a release to be missed!!




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