War – Invisible [Methlab]

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Tunes

Theres been an ever evolving sound in the recent years that has really taken hold. Something deeper , darker, much more mysterious than what we have ever heard before. The artists responsible for changing the way we think of drum and bass and the stories it tells. War is one of those producers thats paving the way bringing you a brand new 4 track EP on Methlab.

The self titled tune of the EP “invisible” starts off with light organic sounding percussion paired with a darker yet intelligent synth pulsing in the background. The introduction of bass hits prepare the tune for the drop which has an almost inaudible vocal sample that has been stretched beyond recognition. “Invisible” drops into heavy and rhythmic bass with the snappy percussion to match. Ambient tones cautiously break the tune into half time drums with a distant vocal sample that fades quickly before leading the listener into a playground of complex drum programming. The tune breaks once more into a spread of deep sub bass and ambient tones before fading out.

I cant get enough of tunes like this. Wether it be the abstract elements or the vibe of the track not much else dares to delve deeper into sound.
This style is among one of my favorites in drum and bass right now and i hope to hear its progression continue on into the future. Sci Fi sounds at their finest.

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