WAR – Tabula Rasa [Methlab]

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Tunes

French producer WAR is back on methlab recordings with another massive release showcasing his diverse style once more. If you dont know WAR by now they are one of the most progressive and diverse producers in the scene. War’s styles spans from half time, to rollers, tech, and everywhere in between, when you hear the percussion… you know who’s behind it. Today we are checking out Tabula Rasa a massive stepping / abstract style tune that really keeps the attention to detail perfect.

Tabula Rasa starts off its tone with some of Wars signature incredibly hard hitting percussive sounds programmed in stepping / almost jazz influenced style before some atmospheric leads can be heard infiltrating the soundscape before breaking down before the drop. The tune briefly rests and before a vocal sample can be heard speaking ” A Second Chance, a Clean Slate” then quickly diving into the drop where the tune is quickly met with some oldschool darkside influences of sound that carry the vibe along with playfully dark synths panning the room. The next phrase switches up the sound before a carefully placed sample replies to the words spoken before the initial drop.

This one is yet another wicked contribution to forward thinking progressive Drum and bass at the moment. A must have for any DJ with contemporary selections. This ones out April 5th.  You can give it a listen here


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