Wasted P0t3ntial feat Bloque – Dukes Up – Pheel Good Recordings

by | May 20, 2024 | Releases, Reviews, Tunes

What’s up my fellow DnB heads!  

Strex back with a new release for your beautiful ears.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, summer is almost here!  That means no better time to see a wonderful liquid EP from Wasted P0t3ntial get released!

This EP is on Pheel Good Recordings and it certainly does just that.  

The first track on this 4 track piece of awesomeness is a track called Windows.  It has a beautiful vocal over a really steady beat and melodic piano riff that sends those summer vibes right through you.  Cracking piece of production to set us up right for what sounds like it’s going to be a wicked EP.  

Next up is Stick on Smile with Bloque which starts off with quite a sinister feel and the vocals lead you through a really atmospheric intro which takes you to a drop that is smooth and rolling with a beatifully clean bassline and an emotional piano riff that sent shivers down my spine I can’t lie!  This tune is in my opinion a masterpiece that has been meticulously produced to give us something really special.  

The third installment on this already incredible EP is Toxic Clouds.  Once again starting us off with a fantastic vocal and then a trumpet before the drop with the vocal echoing over the top.  This one has a brilliant variation of the Think Break and is as smooth as anything.  What a quality tune!

Last but not least is by Bloque and a track called Superman.  This one is so smooth and chilled with some great melodic vocal and purposeful MC’ing.  A great end to an astonishing EP and one that everyone involved should be proud of.  

So this amazing liquid EP is out tomorrow (21st May 2024) and you can click the artwork below to take you to the purchase pages!

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