The Weekend – The Hills (Voltage Bootleg) [FREE]

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Tunes


This weeks tune is a little dated, within the year however. Ask any old school junglist why they are so keen on the vinyl movement and only playing golden era jungle, nothing more. Perspective and preference paint that picture for you. For me, it solely means timeless. Bootlegs are really hard to do properly especially if you lack the engineering abilities to craft an acapella of your own, better luck finding one. Today we have an piece of rolling art from none other than, Voltage. Released on the only Drum And Bass file hosting website worth mentioning DNBSHARE.

The Weekend – The Hills (Voltage Bootleg)


Synth on the intro compliments the vocals on the drop with a warm liquid rolling bass line. Preserving the vocals is one of the hardest parts of a bootleg in my opinion. Voltage, the don. Aced this release. Rolling non stop from start to finish. Goose bump driven atmos elevate the vocals on the second drop making this an 10/10 perfect bootleg in one writers opinion. I can honestly see this being a regular rinse for myself. Not one piece of the track is overwhelming, nothing that will send you in a loop at the rave. This is pure sunrinse, back yard, by the water vibes. Don’t sleep on this free download.

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